Economics Speaker Jeffrey D Sachs

Jeffrey D. Sachs

Renowned Sustainable Development Economist. Columbia University Professor & Director, Center for Sustainable Development. Special Advisor to the UN Secretary-General & Director, UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network

No living economist combines Jeffrey Sachs’s international experience and common touch. Jeffrey Sachs is the world’s leading authority on sustainable economic development and has advised governments, the UN, and even the Pope. Organizations with an interest in forging a more just global future will find their ideal keynote speaker in Jeffrey Sachs.

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    Jeffrey D. Sachs biography

    The New York Times has called sustainable-development speaker Jeffrey Sachs “the most important economist in the world”. As a sought-after public speaker, Jeffrey Sachs brings a common touch to the most complex issues of our time.

    Jeffery Sachs’s bestselling books draw on a storied career as an economics advisor, professor, researcher, and syndicated columnist. In 2015, he won the Blue Planet Prize, the most prestigious global award for environmental leadership. Time magazine has twice named Sachs among 100 most influential world leaders. A survey by the Economist ranked him among the world’s three most important living economists.

    Sachs is a leading expert on economic development, global macroeconomics, and the fight against poverty. His work with more than 125 countries has allowed him to improve the fortunes of more than 90% of the world’s population. Sachs works with national governments to craft economic strategy, promote sustainable practices, and resolve economic instability.

    Above all, his unparalleled expertise is sought by international organizations as well. Sachs has served as a Special Advisor to three UN Secretaries General, and is an SDG Advocate to current SG António Guterres. Additionally, he directs the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network and is a commissioner on the UN Broadband Commission for Development. Pope John Paul II invited Sachs to advise on the encyclical Centesimus Annus.

    Sachs offers the benefit of his experience to the general public through his popular books, articles, and columns. His books include the New York Times bestsellers The End of Poverty, Common Wealth: Economics for a Crowded Planet, and The Price of Civilization. His contributions regularly appear in publications ranging from the Financial Times to Scientific American.

    Jeffrey D. Sachs Speaking Videos

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    Jeffrey D. Sachs Keynote Topics

    Jeffrey Sachs presents a plan for achieving a more prosperous, poverty-free, and secure world. Sachs argues that for the first time in history, our generation has the capability to eliminate extreme poverty in the most disadvantaged countries and regions. He questions whether it is possible to break the vicious cycle of disease, systemic debt, and natural disasters that trap billions of people in poverty. Drawing on his extensive experience as an economic advisor to governments, politicians, and international organizations, and working in over 100 countries, Sachs combines his expertise with his reputation as one of the leading economists of our time to offer a current understanding of poverty in the world and why the gap between rich and poor countries continues to widen. By identifying the causes of economic prosperity, Sachs provides data-driven economic solutions that take into account political, environmental, ethical, and social factors to propose policies that will help the poorest countries break free from poverty in the coming decades.

    Jeffrey Sachs argues that the future of humanity and the planet is at risk. As the global population approaches 8 billion, individuals and nations are vying for economic position, connected through new technologies, trade, and migration, while facing the growing and alarming threat of environmental disasters. Sachs contends that it is crucial to take immediate action and implement reforms to ensure our survival and that of the planet. Sachs posits that governments should prioritize sustainable economic growth and development. He suggests that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations in 2015 should serve as the framework for addressing the pressing issues of poverty reduction, social inclusion, economic prosperity, and environmental sustainability. Sachs believes that these goals are necessary to ensure a better future for generations to come.

    Sachs provides a action plan, although it can be applied to other countries as well, for the United States to achieve sustainable development. In an era of political division, marked by the rise of populism and denial of climate change, Sachs emphasizes the importance of addressing not only economic, but also social and environmental objectives in policymaking. He argues that if countries continue to prioritize unchecked economic growth at the expense of social inequality and environmental concerns, they risk undermining growth itself. Sachs highlights these dangers and offers specific strategies and solutions to achieve economic progress that is equitable, environmentally conscious, and addresses societal disparities. The future may be uncertain, but action must be taken now.

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