Motivational Speaker Jesse Israel

Jesse Israel

Founder, The Big Quiet (Mass Meditation Movement)

Founder of The Big Quiet, a movement that brings thousands of people together to meditate in renowned places such as Madison Square Garden. As a leading expert in the fields of social entrepreneurship, tech investing, and wellness, motivational speaker Jesse Israel knows how to bridge the gap between work and wellbeing. With a wealth of experience and a knack for delivering emotionally compelling stories and actionable advice, Jesse inspires lasting change in his audiences.

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    Jesse Israel biography

    Motivational Speaker Jesse Israel is a popular meditation expert and social entrepreneur. In the past, he worked as a record label executive. He began his career at New York University, where he co-founded Cantora Records. At the time, Jess did not know what steps to take to make his business successful, so he decided to trust his instinct. He took risks and signed several artists, including MGMT. Furthermore, he provided advice to rappers and was in charge of Cantora’s tech investment start-up fund.

    Speaker Jesse Israel spent most of his days hustling, until he reached a point where work took a toll on his mental health. As a result, Jesse began to practice meditation and created Medi Club, a community of young entrepreneurs and creatives who meditate together.

    Later on, he established The Big Quiet, a movement that brings thousands of people together to meditate in renowned places such as Madison Square Garden. Several musicians regularly perform at The Big Quiet to turn meditation into a community. In 2019, The Big Quiet put together the first-ever mass meditation tour, where events in big cities sold out.

    In 2020, speaker Jesse Israel toured with Oprah Winfrey to lead meditations in big arenas. Jesse is also an excellent speaker, covering topics such as mindful leadership and community building. He delivered speeches at Google, Adidas, and Ford, as well as teaching meditation to leaders worldwide. Furthermore, Jesse is the creator of the Cyclones, a cycling club that funds bike share programs and bike shops in Tanzania.

    Jess has also helped establish several community-driven businesses and advised many tech funds. The Wall Street Journal stated that Jesse is transforming meditation for new generations. In addition, Vogue described The Big Quiet as a movement that has taken ancient meditation practices to the next level. Vice, the New York Times, The Fader, Fast Company, and WIRED have all praised Jesse’s work.

    His ultimate goal is to help others find power and happiness so they can positively contribute to the world. 

    Jesse Israel Speaking Videos

    Jesse Israel: mental health, leadership and The Big Quiet mass meditation story
    Jesse Israel

    Jesse Israel Keynote Topics

    In his talk, Jesse Israel explores the benefits of slowing down in the pursuit of better team performance. He argues that in our fast-paced world, we often prioritize speed and efficiency over quality and well-being, leading to burnout and suboptimal outcomes. Israel suggests that by taking the time to slow down and create space for reflection, creativity, and connection, teams can achieve better results in the long run. He offers practical strategies for incorporating mindfulness and slowing down into daily work routines, as well as stories and examples from his own experience as a leader in the tech industry. The talk can incorporate a guided meditation for your audience as well.

    In this talk, The Big Quiet founder, Jesse Israel discusses the role of mindfulness and quiet in personal and professional development. He will cover that by taking the time to slow down and cultivate inner calm, individuals can become more effective leaders, more content and fulfilled, and ultimately drive more revenue for their organizations. Jesse will offer strategies for incorporating mindfulness practices into daily life, and share examples of how these practices have benefited others in terms of personal and professional growth. At the end of the talk, an optional guided meditation is included.

    In this talk, Jesse Israel, founder of The Big Quiet, explores the benefits of incorporating meditation into one's daily routine. He will discuss how meditation can help individuals improve their focus and productivity, reduce stress and anxiety, and enhance overall well-being. Israel will also share his own experiences with meditation and offer practical tips for those looking to start or enhance their meditation practice. Additionally, he will delve into the role of mindfulness and quiet in the modern world, which is often filled with distractions and noise. At the end of the session, an optional guided meditation is included with Jesse.

    Jesse Israel is a pioneer in the field of mindful leadership, and in "The New Mindful Leadership Paradigm," he shares his insights on how to cultivate a mindful, purpose-driven leadership style that leads to success and fulfillment. Drawing on his experience as a social entrepreneur, tech investor, and thought leader in wellness, Jesse offers a fresh perspective on the power of mindfulness in the workplace. With his captivating storytelling and practical strategies, Jesse will inspire you to become a better leader and create a more meaningful, impactful career.

    In "From Stressed to Spirited: Shifting Work Culture," Jesse Israel explores the toll that high-stress work environments can take on employees and offers practical strategies for creating a more positive, productive, and sustainable work culture. Drawing on his own experience as the founder and CEO of The Big Quiet, a meditation and mindfulness company, Jesse shares his insights on how to reduce stress and cultivate a sense of community, connection, and purpose in the workplace. Through engaging anecdotes and interactive exercises, Jesse inspires and empowers audiences to make lasting changes that enhance their well-being and performance. This talk is aimed at organizations that want to create a more resilient, compassionate, and flourishing workplace.

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