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Jim Collins

World-renowned Author; Co-founder of Bain & Company

Speaker Jim Collins, acclaimed for his influential books "Good to Great" and "Built to Last," is a notable figure in business management and leadership. Educated at Stanford University, his career includes teaching and consulting, and he is also actively involved in philanthropy through the Jim and Sonya Collins Foundation. Collins' work has significantly shaped modern corporate strategies.

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    Jim Collins biography

    Speaker Jim Collins, renowned for his expertise in business management and leadership, is widely recognized for his influential books “Good to Great” and “Built to Last.” These works, available in over 30 languages, have sold millions of copies globally.

    Collins, born in 1958 in Boulder, Colorado, grew up in a family deeply rooted in academia. He completed his bachelor’s in mathematical sciences from Stanford University in 1980, followed by an MBA and a doctorate in business administration from the same institution in 1983 and 1988, respectively.

    Speaker Jim Collins embarked on his professional journey at the Stanford Graduate School of Business as a professor, focusing on entrepreneurial leadership and business performance. In 1994, he transitioned from academia to co-establish a management research lab, which evolved into the renowned consulting firm, Bain & Company.

    “Good to Great,” a result of a five-year research initiative by Collins, explores the distinguishing factors of top-performing companies. This book has become a staple in the business sector, with its concepts widely adopted. His other notable work, “Built to Last,” co-authored with Jerry Porras, delves into the sustained success of corporations like 3M, General Electric, and Wal-Mart, offering valuable insights into lasting corporate triumphs.

    Collins is not only a celebrated author but also a sought-after speaker in business circles, delivering lectures and participating in conferences globally. Collins actively engages in charitable work alongside his career accomplishments. Together with his wife, he founded the Jim and Sonya Collins Foundation, focusing on enhancing the well-being of children and families.

    Jim Collins stands as a pivotal figure in the business domain, with his literature and philosophies significantly influencing corporate management and leadership strategies. He remains an authoritative and respected voice in business management and leadership.

    Jim Collins Speaking Videos

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    Jim Collins Keynote Topics

    Rooted in a comprehensive five-year study contrasting companies that successfully transitioned with those that fell short, "Good to Great" demonstrates that achieving greatness transcends mere circumstances, emphasizing instead the importance of intentional decisions and strict discipline. It explores several key concepts, including Level 5 Leadership; the principle of 'First Who, Then What' (emphasizing the importance of assembling the right team before deciding on a direction); the Hedgehog Concept; and the dynamics of the Flywheel effect.

    What enables certain companies to maintain their visionary status across generations of leadership, enduring for decades or even centuries? This inquiry uncovers several key elements, such as the balance of Preserving the Core while Stimulating Progress, the setting of BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals), and the 'Genius of the AND' concept. Similar to "Good to Great," "Built to Last" contrasts exceptional companies with their competent counterparts during specific historical periods, exploring the systematic differences that set the exceptional companies apart from the average ones.

    This work brings to light new intellectual insights, drawing from a wide array of case studies ranging from large-scale growth corporations like Amazon to smaller companies, nonprofits, hospitals, and K12 schools. It not only offers theoretical understanding but also provides practical advice. This guidance is crucial for leaders to identify and assemble the components of their unique flywheels, enabling them to fully leverage the potential of the flywheel effect in their specific contexts.

    What sets certain companies apart, allowing them to prosper amidst uncertainty and chaos while others struggle? This question is at the heart of a nine-year research project, meticulously analyzed and enriched with captivating stories. Jim, along with coauthor Morten Hansen, outlines the principles for constructing a truly exceptional enterprise in an era marked by unpredictability, rapid changes, and turbulence.

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