Innovation Speaker John Rossman

John Rossman

Former Director of Enterprise Services at Amazon. Author of “The Amazon Way”; “The Amazon Way on IoT” & "Think Like Amazon"

A leader in creating an innovative culture in order to operate with excellence. Speaker John Rossman has spent the past 30 years providing leadership and strategic advice to several Fortune 500 companies. Organizations book John Rossman to learn about thinking like Amazon on leadership principles, being intentional, the future of your industry, AI, strategy and corporate culture, innovation, and IoT.

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    John Rossman biography

    Innovation speaker John Rossman is Rossman Partners’ Managing Partner and a best-selling author. John used to work at During his tenure at Amazon, he contributed to the Marketplace business’ launch and the running of the merchant services business.

    John is an operations, digital, and eCommerce business model expert who has managed IoT, eCommerce, marketplace, and API-driven platform engagements. He has also written several best-selling books on leadership, principles for every leader, and how to become a digital leader. 

    His speaking engagements mainly focus on creating an innovative culture that operates in an exceptional manner. Speaker John Rossman has spoken for retail clients, education, insurance, transportation, and more. He has even spoken for Nordstrom and Microsoft.

    Prior to having his own company, John worked at Alavarez and Marsal. For the past 30 years, John has provided leadership and strategic advice to several Fortune 500 companies.

    In today’s digital world, Rossman Partners is a valuable resource for companies looking to succeed. Rossman Partners works by understanding their clients’ situations and developing a tailored plan for them. 

    Furthermore, John runs workshops on the internet of things, innovation, and digital strategy. He also teaches how to create a culture of trial and error, agility, accountability, and scalability. 

    John Rossman Speaking Videos

    John Rossman – Think Like Amazon
    John Rossman – Why Most Companies Fail to Innovate

    John Rossman Keynote Topics

    How will you lead and create the future? How does your leadership beliefs and techniques need to evolve? Drawing from Amazon’s fourteen leadership principles, former Amazon Executive and author John Rossman helps you to understand the power of intentional leadership in the digital era.

    What is the future of your industry? It is a question that leaders must ask themselves often. But what are the right questions to ask, what metrics should be used, how is our industry going to be disrupted? All of these questions will be answered.

    How might artificial intelligence and machine learning impact your industry and business model? What are the indicators that it’s already underway? How do we make innovation a vital part of how we operate? How do we get started? In this speech, Rossman will outline how AI is already impacting businesses, best practices on the management of innovation in the enterprise, the “actions of no regrets” we should all take in preparation and leave the audience with practical actions to take to create your AI-driven business.

    Amazon is a fierce competitor, systematic innovator and creating a dramatic change in many industries. How does Amazon think about and create the playbook of strategy, operational excellence, and innovation? What can you learn from them and apply into your business? In John Rossman’s signature leadership keynote, he will reveal and unpack the secrets of Amazon’s unparalleled growth and how the company’s culture has driven innovation and growth. From Think Like Amazon: 50 ½ Ideas to Become a Digital Leader, audiences are leaning forward, taking notes and inspired with strategies and tools to innovate and lead.

    Leaders at Amazon expect and require innovation and invention from their teams. They are externally aware and look for new ideas everywhere. Amazon has a thrilling power to innovate that few other companies have matched. But how does Amazon continue to innovate and outperform the competition? Through a systematic approach and a deep understanding of what it means to be digital, Amazon has created a culture and system that continues to outperform everyone else. Former Amazon executive turned digital strategy consultant John Rossman will leverage ideas from his book “Think Like Amazon” to show how all companies and organization are capable of innovating at the same level as Amazon.

    From John Rossman’s book The Amazon Way™: 10 Lessons Every Leader Should Learn from Amazon’s IoT Strategy, the former Amazon executive unpacks how connected devices will transform industries and businesses, and what leaders should do to take advantage. Rossman will look at how connected devices will revolutionize how business is done and change the marketplace. This speech will give leaders from all types of businesses a blueprint on how to leverage connected devices for the future of their business.

    Drive growth and innovation – The Amazon Way.
    Bring Amazon’s leadership principles, strategies, innovation and execution to life during this 2-day workshop, led by best-selling author of “The Amazon Way” and former Amazon executive, John Rossman.

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