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Jonas Kjellberg

Co-Creator of Skype, Author, and Investor


A serial entrepreneur, masterful corporate leader, and trailblazing investor, Jonas Kjellberg has helped define the digital age. As a co-founder of Skype, Kjellberg grew an innovative startup into a revolutionary social and technological force. He now helps others pursue similar success, both as an investor and as a popular author and consultant. Events that seek insights from a truly disruptive tech innovator turn to Kjellberg’s stirring keynote addresses.

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    Jonas Kjellberg biography

    Since co-creating Skype, digital transformation speaker Jonas Kjellberg has continued to implement a unique vision of innovation and entrepreneurship. An enlightening and entertaining public speaker, Jonas Kjellberg addresses large organizations and businesses of every size. His talks address the nexus of product development, strategic planning, and customer centricity in driving profitability and growth.

    Speaker Jonas Kjellberg is a founding partner of Skype. Under his leadership as Managing Director, the company disrupted the telecommunications sector and revolutionized the way we interact. Similarly, he continues to promote innovative ideas as an author and speaker, and to develop them as managing director of NORNORM.

    After building Skype into a communications powerhouse and seeing it acquired by eBay for $2.5 billion, Kjellberg continued to innovate. He founded, later selling it to Yahoo, and was Chairman of the Board at iCloud, later acquired by Apple.

    He also became a successful tech investor. As CEO and Partner at Wyatt Media Group, Kjellberg delivered solutions for the online media markets he helped create. His tenure as head of internet investments at Kinnevik AB transformed the investment firm into a global powerhouse.

    Drawing on his extraordinary career, Kjellberg developed the Gear Up framework for business success. Three Gear Up books followed: Bring Business Opportunities to Life, Business Creation, and Test Your Business Model Potential and Plan Your Path to Success. Kjellberg also advises individuals and growing companies using the Gear Up framework.

    Jonas Kjellberg Keynote Topics

    Each year digital inventions bring new changes to our markets and industries. First, the Internet changed how we did business; then, mobile changed how we interacted with each other. How can you prepare your business for the next disruption? In this interactive talk, Jonas Kjellberg speaks about the disruptors or “game changers” who are remaking the world of business around us. Then he challenges the game changers in the audience to tell him he’s wrong and to contribute to the discussion.

    Great businesses are born from great ideas. Microsoft was born on user-friendly software, Skype on making calls on the Internet, and Uber on making car rides available everywhere. But how do you know if your idea is great? In this talk, Jonas Kjellberg speaks about what kind of innovative thinking is needed for success and why some good ideas and companies make it while others do not.

    Many people who launch startups have great ideas but little business experience. What does it take to create, grow, and sustain a business? In this talk, Jonas Kjellberg outlines the process of business creation based on his book Gear Up: Test Your Business Potential and Plan Your Path to Success. Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs, and everyone in between will learn how to transform their business idea into a high potential venture.

    For every startup that becomes a unicorn, there are a dozen others that we never hear from again. Serial entrepreneur Jonas Kjellberg worked in many startups before his eventual success with Skype. In this talk, Jonas describes the lessons learned from his many startups, failures, and eventual successes that defined his career during the dot-com boom and beyond. Jonas details the ups-and-downs of the industry as well as his experiences from Campuz Mobile (acquired by Vodafone) to his success with Skype.

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