Sports Speaker Jorge Valdano

Jorge Valdano

General Manager of Real Madrid CF (2000-2004 & 2009-2011); Elite coach and Football Legend

A leader when it comes to understanding how management, talent management, and elite sport all operate together. Speaker Jorge Valdano is famous for erasing barriers between the realms of athletics and business. Organizations book Jorge Valdano to learn about the 11 powers of the leader, the transformation of Real Madrid’s model, teamwork, and decision making.

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    Jorge Valdano biography

    Sports speaker Jorge Valdano is an expert on teamwork, leadership, and motivation. Erasing barriers between the realms of athletics and business is something that he is well-known for. Valdano focuses on understanding how management, talent management, and elite sport all operate together.

    During his speeches, he emphasizes the need for teamwork. He also talks about the importance of developing a shared vision to achieve common goals. According to Jorge, several factors drive success, including state of mind, vision, motivation, and talent management.

    In 1986, he was a player of Argentina’s World Cup-winning team. While playing for Real Madrid, he helped the team win two Spanish league titles and another while serving as coach, as well as two UEFA Cups.

    Speaker Jorge Valdano believes that a team is a state of mind, and he always emphasizes that during his motivational speeches. When it comes to speaking, he is most famous for “the 11 Powers of the Leader”. A key part of this speech is dedicated to discussing the various methods that a coach, manager or even the company’s president can and should apply in order to inspire those around them.

    Jorge Valdano was Real Madrid’s General Manager twice, from 2000 to 2004 and 2009 to 2011. Jorge implemented a new management and organizational system as the club’s manager. Along with Juan Antonio Corbalán and Andoni Zubizarreta, he founded Makeateam in 1999. Makeateam focuses on integrating sports values with corporate entities. In 2013, Jorge quit his job as a manager to dedicate all of his time to speaking engagements.

    Valdano has also been the Escuela de Estudios Universitarios’ General Manager. The school focuses on higher education, developed thanks to the Universidad Europea de Madrid and Real Madrid.

    Furthermore, Jorge Valdano serves several media like La Sexta, Cadena SER , online sports daily Marca, the newspaper El País, and Telemadrid.

    Jorge Valdano Speaking Videos

    Jorge Valdano - Leadership conference
    Jorge Valdano

    Jorge Valdano Keynote Topics

    In this speech, the former footballer and former General Manager of Real Madrid, Jorge Valdano, will share with us his experiences in elite sports to talk about leadership, motivation and teamwork.

    In his opinion, every team is based on "a state of mind", and based on this he will explain what characteristics he believes a leader must have in order to manage a high-performance team well. Valdano will divide the characteristics into 11 great qualities: hope, passion, humility, credibility, curiosity, talent, style, words, the locker room, simplicity and success. To illustrate each of them, he will put examples based on specific moments or representative players from the world of soccer.

    In this speech, the former General Manager for Real Madrid between 2000 and 2004 and from 2009 to 2011, Jorge Valdano, will tell us how he made a winning team and how he was able to completely transform the club during his tenure.

    Few remember it, but under his mandate the "Galactic" Real Madrid was hatched, with very prominent names such as Zinedine Zidane, David Beckham, Ronaldo or Luís Figo, among others. These signings and the union of everyone in the same team caused a change in the way of understanding the clubs and the football business as it went from a purely sports bet to one in which marketing, communication, profitability and global media relevance were also taken into account.

    Teamwork is one of the main assets of any company or organization that wants to improve internally and one of the most difficult to achieve. In this speech, the ex-member of Argentina's national soccer team and Real Madrid, Jorge Valdano will talk to us about what exactly we need to achieve highly effective and decisive teamwork. He will share the importance of commitment and doing something you really believe in, makes you feel committed to it and that attitude spreads to the whole group. We will also see the value of a true leader and what he must do to stimulate his team. During the speech, he will share real anecdotes from his time as a player and also with his experiences as general manager of Real Madrid.

    As Jorge Valdano itself has told in many interviews about the work he carried out as General Manager of Real Madrid between 2000 and 2004 and from 2009 to 2011, "sometimes you have to make decisions that are not pleasant".

    In this speech, Jorge Valdano will delve into one of the topics that has the most impact on any company, decision-making and the impact they have both internally and externally. Leaning on practical examples and putting the public in context, it will demonstrate the impact that a decision made on time can have compared to a decision made too late or too soon. He will also talk about finding a way to identify the right moment for each crucial decision.

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