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Joseph Grenny

Leading Social Scientist for Business Performance & Communication Expert. Best-Selling Author: Crucial Conversations, Crucial Accountability & Change Anything

Four-time New York Times bestselling author. Speaker Joseph Grenny has been helping Fortune 500 companies reach higher levels of performance. He has also made significant social contributions, co-founding Unitus Labs and The Other Side Academy, initiatives focused on improving self-reliance and rehabilitating those with challenging pasts.

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    Joseph Grenny biography

    Speaker Joseph Grenny is a celebrated author, having achieved New York Times bestseller status with his influential works on leadership and communication, such as “Crucial Conversations,” “Influencer,” “Crucial Accountability,” and “Change Anything.” His contributions have made a global impact, with over 5 million copies of his books sold. His teachings, encapsulated in award-winning courses, have reached over 3 million people, and more than half of the Forbes Global 2000 companies have adopted his principles and techniques.

    As a co-founder of Crucial Learning, speaker Joseph Grenny has established the organization as a leading entity in the field of learning and organizational development. This firm specializes in offering courses that enhance communication, performance, and leadership skills.

    Beyond his professional achievements, Grenny has significantly contributed to social causes. He co-founded and currently serves as the board chair of Unitus Labs, a nonprofit focused on enhancing self-reliance for over 50 million people internationally. Unitus Labs has played a pivotal role in initiating some of the most impactful investment and related companies globally, including the Unitus Seed Fund (renamed Capria), Unitus Equity Fund, Unitus Ventures (now Patamar), and Unitus Capital. Notably, Unitus Capital has facilitated over $2 billion in capital arrangement services for socially driven ventures.

    In 2015, Joseph Grenny co-founded The Other Side Academy (TOSA), a transformative two-year residential program for individuals with histories of crime, addiction, and homelessness. This initiative includes businesses like The Other Side Movers and Thrift Boutiques, providing practical skills to its students. In 2021, Grenny and TOSA’s leadership launched also The Other Side Village, a community project aimed at housing the chronically homeless.

    Joseph Grenny Speaking Videos

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    Joseph Grenny – Change Behavior, Change The World

    Joseph Grenny Keynote Topics

    Research by Crucial Learning reveals that 90% of individuals have experienced discomfort, either emotionally or physically, in expressing their opinions at least once in the last 18 months, a finding that aligns with the current climate of contentious and polarizing topics. Many feel forced to choose between honesty and respect in their conversations. However, it is both achievable and essential to voice opinions respectfully while preserving personal and professional relationships. This presentation will teach attendees proven techniques for effectively communicating with anyone on any subject.

    Whether you're leading a company, raising a family, or simply aiming to impact those around you, many of us aspire to have greater influence. However, the challenge of initiating change often leads to a sense of resignation, where adapting rather than influencing becomes the norm. This program is designed to equip you with a comprehensive understanding of the influence process, offering powerful strategies to foster change in your personal life, your business, and the broader community. Participants will learn to identify pivotal behaviors that trigger significant change, employ tactics to shift both thinking and actions, and leverage six key sources of influence to ensure change is not just possible, but inevitable. This approach opens up new possibilities for enhancing safety, productivity, quality, and customer service by focusing on transformative behavioral changes.

    The pace at which norms evolve directly influences how quickly correction becomes a standard practice. Essentially, the ability of an organization to innovate and execute effectively hinges on the degree to which its members hold each other accountable. In today's context, with many organizations shifting to a hybrid model that balances in-office and remote work, accountability has become even more crucial. While offering flexibility is important, it can sometimes lead to decreased performance if not paired with accountability. However, when employees are allowed flexibility within a framework of clear standards and are held accountable to those standards, it leads to both high performance and growth. Leaders must strive to establish this balance as a norm to build organizations that are both efficient in execution and quick to innovate. This session will explore various case studies underscoring the significance of accountability in organizational performance and provide actionable steps for leaders to foster a culture of accountability, ensuring that high performance becomes a standard outcome.

    Annually, hospital patients face significant risks with one in twenty receiving incorrect medication, 3.5 million contracting infections due to inadequate hygiene practices, and 195,000 fatalities resulting from medical errors. Despite hospitals' efforts to minimize these errors, research indicates substantial potential for improvement. This session aims to highlight seven critical areas where healthcare professionals can achieve immediate and impactful enhancements in healthcare safety. Attendees will be provided with essential tools and strategies to effectively address these challenges, ultimately improving patient safety and care standards.

    In 2016, Crucial Learning discovered that each failed conversation in an organization averages a loss of $7,500 and over seven workdays. By 2021, the cost of poor communication has escalated, with even more time being wasted. Recent research involving 1,100 participants shows that 10% more people now spend over two weeks avoiding crucial conversations than they did five years earlier. Moreover, an overwhelming 96% of respondents recognize the negative impact of not addressing issues, with a significant 19% estimating that unresolved crucial conversations cost their organizations over $50,000. Despite a cultural shift towards encouraging open communication, many still revert to counterproductive silence, contributing to broader issues like the Great Resignation. Grenny's session will delve into the crucial conversations that are detrimental to organizational health and offer strategies to foster a culture of healthy, open dialogue.

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