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JP Pawliw-Fry

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Thought Leader, Leadership, Performance and Change Expert

Speaker JP Pawliw-Fry, renowned for his expertise in emotional intelligence and leadership, is a distinguished keynote speaker and peak performance authority. He co-authored the New York Times bestseller "Performing Under Pressure." In his role as a speaker and consultant, JP encourages groups to adopt new perspectives on human behavior, leadership, and managing the prevalent pressure affecting numerous organizations and individuals in today's world.

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    JP Pawliw-Fry biography

    Speaker JP Pawliw-Fry is a renowned leadership expert and collaborator with Fortune 1000 companies. He has made significant strides in the corporate world. His engagements include esteemed clients such as Johnson & Johnson, McDonald’s, Oracle, Pitney Bowes, Salesforce, ServiceNow, PepsiCo, Whirlpool Corporation, Cushman & Wakefield, and Zoetis, Inc. In his role, JP addresses crucial organizational challenges like adapting to rapid changes, handling competitive threats, achieving ambitious targets, and navigating disruption, all through the lens of authentic and effective leadership.

    JP has dedicated over 20 years to researching emotional management, grounding his approach firmly in scientific principles. His organization’s extensive surveys, conducted monthly with over 40,000 individuals, focus on developing skills and tools backed by science to cultivate exemplary leadership qualities. His vast experience includes working with top-tier leaders from globally recognized companies such as Goldman Sachs, Intel, Coca-Cola, and Johnson & Johnson. Speaker JP Pawliw-Fry has also tested his methods in high-pressure environments such as the US Marines, with Olympic athletes, and on professional sports teams in the NFL and NBA, demonstrating the effectiveness of his science-based tools in these demanding situations.

    Speaker JP Pawliw-Fry

    JP’s dynamic speaking engagements, known for their captivating and thought-provoking content, stand out in the field of leadership development. He challenges audiences to rethink human behavior and leadership, especially in the context of managing today’s prevalent organizational and individual pressures. His presentations are not only engaging but also practical, offering tools and techniques that emphasize vulnerability, empathy, and emotional intelligence to manage and adapt to current challenges and disruptions.

    As a New York Times bestselling co-author of “Performing Under Pressure: The Science of Doing Your Best When it Matters Most,” JP’s work has been published in 65 countries and was named one of Inc. Magazine’s Best Business Books of the Year. His personal interests, including a variety of sports and a love for rugby, complement his professional expertise, adding to his dynamic personality.

    A contributing columnist for The Economic Times, one of the world’s most widely circulated newspapers, JP Pawliw-Fry delivers leadership presentations that are both inspiring and rich in content. His talks incorporate a multimedia show, which provides audiences with strategic insights and immediate, actionable solutions to enhance leadership and organizational performance.

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    JP Pawliw-Fry - Outsmart Emotion
    JP Pawliw-Fry

    JP Pawliw-Fry Keynote Topics

    To achieve high performance in a fast-paced and evolving environment, your team needs to accelerate decision-making and engage in challenging conversations that drive results. However, a common misconception is hindering progress: the misunderstanding of culture's role in performance.

    Many leaders incorrectly believe that culture is a uniform aspect across the entire organization, primarily the responsibility of the CEO and CHRO. This is not the case. Culture predominantly resides within individual teams. Often, CEOs and CHROs feel overwhelmed by the idea of shaping culture and, as a result, let it develop haphazardly. This approach can lead to the loss of valuable team members and unmet objectives.

    In our compelling virtual or live keynote, your team will discover insights from our study of 7,500 leaders, emphasizing the crucial role of managers and people leaders in cultivating team culture. Your personnel will gain specific tools to actively shape their team's culture, especially in critical moments known as the Last 8%. These moments involve tough conversations and decisions that many shy away from. By empowering leaders with the skills to confront these challenges, they can foster a high-performance culture that becomes a driving force in your organization.

    Your team is currently navigating the most significant challenge of their careers, yet relying solely on IQ and technical skills is insufficient for managing the situation effectively.

    In these times, your organization must demonstrate agility amid change and challenges, recognizing opportunities that others might overlook. It's essential for your team to master working efficiently with others who are also facing pressure.

    Our dynamic program equips your team members with:

    - Specific tools and techniques, honed from our experience with high performers in high-pressure environments such as the NFL, NBA, Olympic teams, Navy SEALs, Goldman Sachs, and Intel. These tools are designed to enhance adaptability, resilience, collaboration, and the ability to seize opportunities.
    - Methods to effectively manage their mind for optimal thinking, performance, and leadership under pressure.
    - The most crucial daily habit that sharpens focus while reducing burnout risks.
    - Strategies that enable their teams to maintain high performance levels amidst ongoing pressure.

    This program draws on findings from a comprehensive study involving 12,000 individuals, which formed the basis of our New York Times bestselling book, "Performing Under Pressure," available in 65 countries.

    Our research indicates that in feedback conversations, most individuals effectively communicate up to 92% of their intended message. However, they often hesitate when approaching the Last 8% - the most challenging and consequential part of their feedback. This crucial segment, which could significantly impact the recipient, is frequently left unsaid due to concerns about the potential emotional fallout.

    This omission poses serious challenges. The recipient remains unaware of critical aspects of their performance, increasing their anxiety and depriving them of the opportunity for improvement. Furthermore, this lack of complete feedback can lead to reduced feelings of psychological safety and emotional connection, adversely affecting their performance.

    The aim of this program is to equip your people with the understanding and tools necessary to manage their emotions and confidently address the Last 8% in feedback conversations. Fortunately, there's an expanding body of knowledge on how to effectively give and receive feedback, accessible to anyone willing to learn. This process begins with becoming a keen observer of human behavior, understanding how the brain functions under pressure, and acquiring specific skills to deliver feedback in a manner that the recipient can truly absorb and act upon.

    The financial impact of employee turnover is substantial. For instance, a 100-person company with an average salary of $50,000 could incur annual costs of $800,000 to $2.6 million in turnover and replacement. More concerning is that 52% of departing employees believe their exit could have been prevented by their managers or the organization. Often, this stems from a perceived lack of empathy from their leaders, an issue that is both significant and addressable.

    This impactful program, available both virtually and in person, will guide your managers and leaders to:

    - Understand the primary cause of a lack of empathy – a factor within their control.
    - Develop their emotional intelligence skills to identify and address their team members' challenges proactively, preventing potential resignations.
    - Learn what empathy truly is and how to cultivate it, thereby empowering innovative, effective team members who maintain high performance and connectivity.
    - Implement brain-science-based strategies for emotion management, fostering resilience and becoming a stabilizing presence in your organization.
    - Navigate through disruptive changes effectively.

    This program is designed to equip your leaders with the necessary skills and understanding to foster a more empathetic and emotionally intelligent work environment, ultimately reducing turnover and enhancing organizational performance.

    Your team is currently facing burnout, overwhelmed by excessive demands and limited resources. They are experiencing anxiety, a sense of being constantly busy and frantic, sometimes without a specific cause. This generalized anxiety, if not addressed, can lead to negative behavioral patterns and habits that adversely affect their mental, emotional health, and performance.

    However, this situation can be improved.

    The aim of this program is to provide individuals with insights and tools to effectively manage anxiety and stress in various aspects of their life. Anxiety, often described as a state of worry, nervousness, or unease about uncertain outcomes, affects your team members to varying degrees, influencing their daily lives and work performance.

    The encouraging aspect is the availability of science-based strategies to manage anxiety and enhance resilience, which are accessible and teachable to all. This program focuses on equipping your team with these strategies, helping them to better handle stress and anxiety, ultimately leading to improved well-being and productivity.

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