Robotics Speaker Ken Goldberg

Ken Goldberg

Award-winning roboticist, filmmaker, and UC Berkeley Professor leading research in robotics

Some thinkers tiptoe around the uncanny valley—the sometimes-unsettling boundary between humans and intelligent machines. Ken Goldberg explores it. A celebrated roboticist whose inventions have transformed industry, medicine, and agriculture, Goldberg is also a renowned visual artist. Events that explore humanity’s prospects in a world shared with machines find their ideal centerpieces in Goldberg’s revelatory keynote speeches.

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    Ken Goldberg biography

    Keynote speaker Ken Goldberg is an award-winning roboticist and filmmaker whose vision merges science and art. An utterly unique robotics speaker, Ken Goldberg has galvanized audiences at the World Economic Forum, the Aspen Ideas Festival, TEDx, SXSW, and hundreds of corporate events.

    Ken Goldberg’s research into robotics and AI have earned him eight US patents and inspired more than 250 scholarly papers. His fusion of technology and art have earned him a place in the Whitney Biennial and in 70 other exhibitions. His unique ability to place robotics in an entirely human context has made Goldberg a popular and enlightening keynote speaker.

    As a roboticist, Goldberg oversees a lab at UC Berkeley that continually reimagines machines’ interaction with the wider world. His robots appear in surgery theaters and precision-planted cropland, assembly lines and social media platforms. Goldberg often focuses on seemingly intractable problems. For instance, he developed the first demonstrably complete algorithm for assembly-line part feeding.

    While serving as Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering, Goldberg shaped the professional conversation around robotics. He is also a successful entrepreneur. Goldberg has co-founded the Berkeley Center for New Media, the African Robotics Network, Hybrid Wisdom Labs, and Moxie Film Studio.

    Nonprofit organizations and industry-leading corporations seek Goldberg’s insights on the future of automation and its relationship with human culture.

    Ken Goldberg Speaking Videos

    Ken Goldberg at the World Economic Forum – CLOUD ROBOTS
    Ken Goldberg at TEDx - Are AI and Robots a Threat.. or an Opportunity?

    Ken Goldberg Keynote Topics

    Should we believe headlines about AI and robots stealing jobs, replacing drivers, doctors, and lawyers? Is the Singularity coming? Are AI and Robots an existential threat to humans?

    "Automation Anxiety" has a long history, with widespread pronouncements about the imminent loss of jobs to Automation. In contrast to the science-fiction fearmongering around the "Singularity", the award-winning Roboticist from UC Berkeley, Prof. Ken Goldberg, will propose an inclusive alternative: "Multiplicity," where diverse groups of humans work together with diverse groups of machines to innovate and solve problems.

    In this fascinating talk, Prof. Goldberg will share results from his research in robotics and their global study suggesting how AI could lead to a more productive and inclusive future for humans.

    Ken shares his groundbreaking research and insights on the transformative impact of deep learning on the field of robotics. He explores how deep learning algorithms can enhance the capabilities of robots, enabling them to perceive and understand the world in ways previously unimaginable. From autonomous vehicles and drones to medical robots and industrial automation, the potential applications of deep learning in robotics are vast and game-changing.

    Drawing on his extensive experience in robotics research and development, Ken discusses the challenges and opportunities of integrating deep learning into robotic systems. He shares compelling examples of how deep learning is already reshaping the field of robotics and offers insights into the future possibilities and implications of this revolutionary technology.

    Ken shares his perspectives on the current state and future trajectory of these groundbreaking technologies.

    Ken provides valuable insights into the latest advancements and trends in AI and robotics, including their applications in various industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, and entertainment. He discusses the ethical considerations, challenges, and opportunities associated with the increasing integration of AI and robotics into our everyday lives.

    Join robotics expert Ken Goldberg as he shares intriguing insights from his research on robots and human behavior. Discover surprising lessons that robots can teach us about our humanity, from exploring human biases to understanding empathy and creativity. Ken's engaging talk provides a fresh perspective on the intersection of robotics and human nature, suitable for technology enthusiasts, researchers, and anyone interested in the future of robotics and artificial intelligence. Gain valuable insights from robots on what it means to be human in the age of automation with Ken Goldberg's captivating presentation.

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