Media Speaker Kyra Phillips

Kyra Phillips

Investigative Correspondent, ABC News; Bestselling Author & Journalist

One of the most sought-after journalists in the world. Speaker Kyra Phillips has travelled across the globe, covering scientific discoveries, interviewing important figures such as Mother Teresa, and doing war reporting. Organizations book Kyra Phillips to learn about empowerment, following one’s dreams, and how Kyra got stories other journalists could not get.

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    Kyra Phillips biography

    Media speaker Kyra Phillips is the perfect example of how working hard and persevering can get you far in life. In fact, these qualities allowed her to become one of the best journalists in the world.  

    Kyra started her career in 1999 when she began working for CNN. She later ran an investigative program called Raising America with Kyra Phillips. The program focused on everything related to today’s American families. In 2012, she was in charge of the election coverage. Today, speaker Kyra Phillips is an ABC News correspondent. 

    Kyra has traveled across the globe. In fact, she even headed to the South Pole to cover scientific discoveries. She also interviewed important figures such as Mother Teresa and several presidents of the United States. Furthermore, Kyra covered war-related news, including the one in Iraq. On top of that, she was the first female journalist to fly over the Persian Gulf in an F-14 air-to-air combat training mission.

    Moreover, Kyra Phillips led interviews regarding events such as 9/11, the rise of ISIS, the O.J. Simpson case, and Hurricane Katrina. As a result of her excellent work, Kyra has won several awards. 

    She is also a sought-after keynote speaker for luncheons and fundraisers. Throughout her keynotes, she empowers her audience with stories from her career and the lessons she learned the hard way. Kyra highlights the importance of following one’s dreams and paying it forward to those who have yet to make their dreams come true. 

    ​In January 2002, Kyra stayed in Antarctica for 30 days to work on a documentary. During her stay, she slept in an igloo and shared fascinating discoveries with her viewers.

    Kyra Phillips Speaking Videos

    Kyra Phillips with Hon. Sylvia Matthews Burwell
    Kyra Phillips for CNN

    Kyra Phillips Keynote Topics

    Kyra started a school newspaper when she was in the fourth grade and her first interview was with Dr. Seuss. Pretty big scoop for such a young writer, so you would think finally making it to news organizations like ABC and CNN were easy to achieve. Quite the opposite. Kyra’s stories of struggle, heartache and determination to make it in one of the most competitive careers will astound you. When her college commencement speaker told the class, “in this better have a plan B,” Kyra refused to listen. That’s probably why she can tell you about Mother Teresa, the South Pole and flying strike fighters in such intimate detail. Let Kyra share her thoughts on empowerment and inspire students and adults alike as to why you should never doubt your dreams.

    Kyra got resistance, and downright rejected from the “boys club” time and time again, but she refused to take no as an answer. It worked and she broke barriers. Kyra details exclusive assignments from around the world and how a unique journalist operates to get the stories you won’t see anywhere else.

    She was the first female journalist to fly an F-14 in a combat training mission in the Persian Gulf, all in an effort to understand how the “Shock and Awe” campaign would be carried out from the skies over Iraq. She also trained with several SWAT teams across the country so she could actually report from the “inside” when it came to stories like a high threat situation dominating the national news.

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