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Lance Armstrong

Globally-Known Cyclist & Endurance Athlete, Motivational Speaker & Podcast Host

Lance Armstrong is a globally-known endurance athlete and advocate for cancer research and awareness. In addition to his successful cycling career and popular podcasts, he has raised millions of dollars for cancer charities through his foundation and Livestrong brand. Armstrong provides resources and support for cancer survivors and their families, and is dedicated to raising awareness about the disease. His personal experiences and commitment to helping others make him a powerful and inspiring speaker on cancer and overcoming adversity.

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    Lance Armstrong biography

    Motivational speaker Lance Armstrong is an endurance athlete known worldwide for his cycling. He is passionate about active lifestyles and has made many contacts in the sports and health industries. Armstrong hosts THEMOVE and THE FORWARD podcasts through his WED? MEDIA brand, which has millions of downloads and is in the top 10 on iTunes. His podcasts focus on endurance athletes. In addition to his successful racing career and popular podcasts, Lance has also made successful early startup investments. Those include companies such as Uber and DocuSign. These investments demonstrate Lance’s keen understanding of the tech world and his ability to identify promising opportunities.

    Armstrong’s podcasts focus on endurance athletes and their experiences. He uses his extensive connections and expertise to provide analysis and interviews with a range of people. Armstrong also understands the importance of digital branding and the power of influencers. His podcasts are part of the WED? community, which promotes going “Forward, Never Straight.” Armstrong continues to be passionate about the benefits of an active lifestyle and shares his knowledge and experiences through his podcasts.

    In addition to his successful career as a cyclist and his popular podcasts, Lance Armstrong is also an advocate for cancer research and awareness. In 1996, doctors diagnosed Lance with testicular cancer, but he successfully fought the disease through treatment and surgery. Since then, he has become a vocal supporter of cancer research and has raised millions of dollars for cancer charities through his Lance Armstrong Foundation and Livestrong brand.

    Through his foundation, Armstrong also provides resources and support for cancer survivors and their families, including financial assistance, legal advice, and support groups. Lance actively raises awareness about cancer and provides support to individuals who are living with the disease. His personal experiences and his dedication to helping others make motivational speaker Lance Armstrong a powerful and inspiring speaker on the topic of cancer and overcoming adversity.

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    Lance Armstrong Keynote Topics

    How do you come back from your biggest mistakes? When confronted with losing everything, some people give up—while others use those setbacks as inspiration to reach new goals. In cycling, Lance Armstrong was the “comeback king” when he overcame testicular cancer to win the Tour de France seven times. In the process, he became one of the most well-known athletes in the world. However, his biggest comeback was not athletic but personal when he came back from the doping scandal that stripped him of his Tour de France titles. After going from hero to zero, he worked hard to take responsibility for his mistakes, learn from them, and rise again with his new podcasts and organization WED?. In this revealing talk, Lance shares his stories of resilience and what it takes to come back from your mistakes. Audiences will learn that honesty, vulnerability, and positivity are key to bouncing back even stronger than before.

    Leadership is built on honesty. While Lance was doing all the right things to win as a team —working hard, good tactics, great teammates—he was doing the worst thing you can do as a leader: lying. He lied to himself, his team, and his supporters. His win-at-all-costs mentality eventually lost him his cycling titles and resulted in his banishment from the sport. He learned how the decisions you make as a leader can have an impact on everyone—from your team to your fans to your family. In this brutally honest talk, Lance shares what he learned about leadership and teamwork through his mistakes. Audiences will come away with valuable lessons on communication, persistence, and the importance of honesty in leadership.

    How do you become—and stay—resilient in your body and mind? Lance Armstrong became one of the best-known athletes in the world for his hard work and mental strength as a cyclist. He learned from the best coaches and athletes how to stay healthy and mentally strong. While today Lance no longer competes and is just happy to finish a race, he still practices what he learned as a professional athlete to stay fit. In this candid talk, Lance shares his expert advice on how to train effectively, improve your health, stay mentally strong, and maintain your fitness throughout life.

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