AI Speaker Laurence Moroney

Laurence Moroney

Former Artificial Intelligence Lead of Google & Former Senior Developer Evangelist for Microsoft; Chief AI Scientist at VisionWorks Studios

Speaker Laurence Moroney, former Google's Lead AI Advocate, is a renowned expert in AI and machine learning. With a solid educational background in Physics and Computer Science, he has held pivotal roles at companies like Reuters, Mainsoft, and Microsoft. Moroney, a best-selling author, is known for his talks on AI trends and educates a vast audience through platforms like Udacity and Coursera.

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    Laurence Moroney biography

    Speaker Laurence Moroney stands out as an AI expert and machine learning advocate. Former Lead AI Advocate at Google, Laurence is on a quest to elevate AI adoption across various industries, a sentiment he passionately conveys as a sought-after AI keynote speaker. Engaging audiences with profound discussions on AI themes, including TensorFlow and AI accessibility, his insights are invaluable.

    After earning a BSc in Physics and Computer Science, followed by a PgD in Microelectronics Systems Design, Laurence embarked on an impressive tech journey. Firstly, he began making waves as a Product Manager at Vicon Industries. Then, in 2000, he transitioned to Reuters as a Senior Architect, honing his tech acumen. His trajectory later led him to roles such as Director of Technology Evangelism at Mainsoft and Senior Developer Evangelist at Microsoft, where he enriched his grasp of burgeoning technologies.

    In a strategic move in 2013, Laurence shifted to Google as an AI Lead. His pursuit of a Graduate Certificate in AI from Stanford University marked this transition. Soon after, he advanced to the role of Staff Developer Advocate at Google, and by 2018, became their Lead AI Advocate. Beyond his corporate roles, Laurence amplifies his reach, teaching myriad students through platforms like Udacity, Coursera, and edX. His prowess as a best-selling author shines in works like “AI and Machine Learning for Coders” and “The Definitive Guide to Firebase.”

    For insights into the AI and machine learning horizon, Laurence Moroney is the go-to expert. His illustrious tenure at leading tech giants underscores his position as a top-tier AI authority. As an AI speaker, Laurence Moroney’s graced stages globally, including platforms like Google Developers and also O’Reilly. If your organization seeks to understand and embrace the AI revolution, Laurence Moroney is the ideal speaker to guide that journey.

    Laurence Moroney Speaking Videos

    Laurence Moroney - How developers can get started with AI and ML
    Laurence Moroney - State-of-the-art Machine Learning research with Google tools

    Laurence Moroney Keynote Topics

    Dive into the transformative world of AI with Laurence Moroney, exploring its innovative applications and the future it promises across industries.

    Unravel the intricacies of TensorFlow, the leading open-source software by Google, and its pivotal role in driving modern machine learning and AI solutions.

    Delve into the core of machine learning with Moroney, understanding its groundbreaking methodologies and its potential to reshape technological landscapes.

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