Media Speaker Leo Zuckermann

Leo Zuckermann

One of the most recognized political analysts in Mexico

Named as one of 300 leaders in Mexico by Líderes Mexicanos. Speaker Leo Zuckermanns is known for his writing and reporting ability which have gained him various journalism awards. Organizations book Leo Zuckermann to learn more about finance, economy, politics, media, and election forecasts.

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    Leo Zuckermann biography

    Media speaker Leo Zuckermann studied public administration at El Colegio de México. He also attended the University of Oxford, where he obtained a public policy master’s degree. Furthermore, he has a Ph.D. candidate in political science and two master’s degrees from Columbia University.

    In addition to his work for the President’s office, Zuckermann also served the consulting firm McKinsey & Company. He held a position as secretary-general of the Center for Economic Research and Teaching. At present, Leo is a department of political studies affiliate professor.

    Currently, Leo Zuckermann is the host of the tv show “Es la hora de opinar.” This program aims to analyze today’s international and national problems and debate arguments and ideas. Additionally, speaker Leo Zuckermann appears on the television program ” Tercer Grado,” where he serves as a panelist. He is a radio commentator for “José Cárdenas Informa” in Grupo Fórmula.

    In addition to writing the column Juegos de Poder for the Excelsior newspaper, Leo Zuckermann hosts the show Artículo Sexto for Grupo Fórmula.

    Zuckermann has previously been on Grupo Imagen and TV Azteca, where he hosted Imagen Electoral and Entre Tres. Leo Zuckermann is known for his writing and reporting ability.  After receiving the National Journalism Award in 2003, Leo went on to get the José Pagés Llergo National Journalism Award in 2007.

    His name appears on a list of 300 leaders issued annually by the magazine Líderes Mexicanos. Leo’s presence on the list indicates that he is one of Mexico’s most influential people.

    Leo Zuckermann Speaking Videos

    Leo Zuckermann & Macario Schettino - México frente al desafío del COVID- 19
    Leo Zuckermann & Héctor Aguilar Camín - Mesa Económico Política

    Leo Zuckermann Keynote Topics

    In this session, political speaker Leo Zuckermann will provide attendees with a detailed overview of the economic and financial situation of the selected country or region. Thanks to his macroeconomic and political knowledge, Leo will be able to clearly highlight the most notable points and share his ideas and arguments about the management that is currently being done, in the past, and in the future.

    In this talk, speaker Leo Zuckermann will share with the audience his perspective on the current political situation of a specific country or region. Zuckermann holds a Ph.D. in political science from Columbia University and currently hosts a television program focused on global political and economic affairs. Therefore, his opinions and insights on the political future of a particular area are highly valued.

    In this presentation, the Mexican professor and journalist Leo Zuckermann will teach attendees all the intricacies involved in political campaigns and elections. Many people think it's just about rallies and television ads, but it all entails great complexity and clear ideas and structures that need to be implemented to communicate what is truly intended to the right audience. A talk that will open the eyes of many and bring greater significance to both concepts.

    In this lecture, the renowned speaker Leo Zuckermann will discuss the mechanisms political parties use to convey their messages and ideas to voters. It's a very delicate and specialized topic that needs to be addressed accurately; otherwise, voters may not understand the message or not grasp the clear points before voting. In the talk, Zuckermann will detail everything that encompasses political communication and marketing.

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