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Lynda Gratton

Global Authority on HR & Professor of Management Practice at London Business School. Leader of the Future of Work Research Consortium

One of the brightest minds behind the Future of Work Research Consortium. Speaker Lynda Gratton’s work has received several awards in the business and management spheres. Organizations book Lynda Gratton to learn about putting people at the heart of a firm; leadership & corporate purpose, the link between cooperation and innovation, and about the future of work.

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    Lynda Gratton biography

    HR speaker Lynda Gratton leads the ‘Human Resource Strategy in Transforming Companies’ programme at London Business School. She is also HSM’s founder and one of the brightest minds behind the Future of Work Research Consortium. In the past two decades, speaker Lynda Gratton has thoroughly covered the subject of interface between organizations and people. 

    Lynda has also written several books, talking about HR strategy, new ways of working, how changes in the world can affect work, and the need to tackle complex projects together. Between 2012 to 2016, three of Lynda’s books received important awards in the business and management spheres. Her book, The 100 Year Life, was one of the best-selling books in Japan in 2016. In 2020, Lynda Gratton and Andrew Scott co-authored The New Long Life. 

    Lynda often contributed to the MIT Sloan Management Review. In addition, she collaborated with the Sunday Times and the Financial Times. In 2022, Lynda released her latest work titled “Redesigning Work”.

    Lynda Gratton also received several prizes and awards, including the Tata and the CCL prize. Additionally, she obtained the Best Teacher Award. 

    Currently, she is a Fellow at WEF and also a member of the international advisory board of Equinor.

    Lynda Gratton Speaking Videos

    Lynda Gratton - The future of work
    Redesigning Work with Lynda Gratton

    Lynda Gratton Keynote Topics

    Putting your people at the heart of your firm’s business and people strategy will help your organisation thrive. This means defining and implementing a culture and processes that promote energy and human potential.

    People Strategy has been a key focus of my work since the 1990s. I’ve written two books and a variety of articles which look at people strategy and alignment issues, the structure of HR, and performance management.

    Leaders are under increasing pressure. Trust in corporations is on the decline, and ever more vocal citizens are forming themselves into worldwide communities of interest to influence corporate policy. And yet, while these pressures may be sweeping away some of the leadership capabilities we hold dear, they clear the way for new ideas about what leadership can and should be.

    I’m fascinated by the role of cooperation in innovation. For over a decade this was a major focus of research and thanks to a significant grant from the Singapore Government I was able to fully understand cooperation and develop a series of cooperative tools.

    Cooperation and co-creation are fundamental to corporate and individual purpose and success. There are three key elements:

    1. The corporation has a cooperative culture deliberately built through practices and processes.
    2. There are rich and diverse networks which allow ideas to move freely.
    3. There is a purpose that energises and ignites – a Hot Spot.

    What will our working lives look like 20 years from now? What should we be preparing for? How will we be working? Where will we be working? Who will we be working with?

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