Futurist Speaker Magnus Lindkvist

Magnus Lindkvist

Trendspotter and Futurist

An expert in identifying and making predictions about future life, business, and social trends. Speaker Magnus Lindkvist believes that shared future visions allow us to seek out ideas that will enable us to fully immerse ourselves in the future possibilities and possible futures that lie ahead. Organizations book Magnus Lindkvist to learn about the future of techs, how to predict the future and redefine uncertainty, and how to deal with the unexpected.

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    Magnus Lindkvist biography

    Futurist speaker Magnus Lindkvist is an expert in identifying and making predictions about future life, business, and social trends.  

    When it comes to his speeches, his superb storytelling, timing, and politically incorrect humor keep worldwide audiences entertained. In the past ten years, he has delivered more than a thousand keynote speeches to diverse audiences. These include the Middle East civil servants and Fortune 500 CEOs.

    Magnus Lindkvist is a writer who is motivated by a never-ending inquisitiveness concerning our mental space, which is the point at which the external world clashes with the human mind. His book Minifesto explains why small ideas make a difference in a world of grand narratives. It also details how to cultivate such small ideas. Magnus believes that shared future visions allow us to seek out as many peculiar and contradicting ideas as possible. These ideas will allow us to fully immerse ourselves in the future possibilities and possible futures that lie ahead.

    Speaker Magnus Lindkvist holds a Master of Science in Business and Economics and a degree in film production. He bridges the gap between the worlds of the creative storytelling of Hollywood and quantitative insights. 

    When people hear him speak, they often refer to his speeches as “shows” or “performances”; he calls his style “intellectual acupuncture” because he believes it has the potential to alter our perceptions through the use of examples, insight, and observations.

    He has received numerous awards for his speeches and for his books. In addition, an HR director in the United Kingdom stated that Magnus is the most remarkable Swedish export since meatballs and ABBA.

    Magnus Lindkvist Speaking Videos

    Magnus Lindkvist - The Future of Tech
    Magnus Lindkvist - Innovation

    Magnus Lindkvist Keynote Topics

    In this enlightening keynote, Magnus Lindkvist explores the true essence of innovation beyond the common buzzwords and clichés. He dives into real-world examples and strategies that companies can employ to stay ahead in an ever-changing world.

    Magnus offers a captivating look into the world of trends and how organizations can navigate the waves of change to find success. Drawing on his vast experience as a trendspotter, he unveils the unseen currents that shape our future.

    As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, Magnus reflects on the importance of maintaining a human touch. In this talk, he explores how businesses can balance technological progress with empathy, ethics, and compassion.

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