Motivational Speaker Magnus Scheving

Magnús Scheving

LazyTown Founder & Lead Star as Sportacus. Motivational Speaker & Health Promoter

From small-town Iceland to the global stage, motivational speaker Magnús Scheving forged LazyTown, a worldwide entertainment phenomenon promoting healthy lifestyles. Beyond his acclaimed role as Sportacus, Magnús, a champion athlete and strategic entrepreneur, has become the go-to expert for global leaders and organizations. They tap into his insights on health, personal empowerment, innovative marketing, and social entrepreneurship. Renowned for his dynamic presentations, Magnús doesn't just deliver talks, he stages memorable performances, driving positive change and inspiring audiences around the world.

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    Magnús Scheving biography

    Motivational speaker Magnús Scheving stands as a testament to achieving one’s dreams with passion and hard work. A natural entrepreneur, hailing from a small town in Iceland, set out with a vision and unlimited zest. His journey whisked him from his Icelandic roots to the global stage. He connected with millions, including top-tier leaders, accomplished athletes, and global celebrities.

    Above all, he’s best known for creating and starring in LazyTown. This TV series, which he wrote, directed, and produced, took the world by storm. With its message of healthy living, LazyTown aired in over 170 countries, earning awards like a BAFTA and US Telly Awards. It also grabbed two Emmy nominations.

    However, Magnús didn’t stop at entertainment. His athletic achievements earned him two European Championship titles and the title of Iceland’s Athlete of the Year. Awards kept pouring in. Moreover, he clinched titles like Iceland’s Marketing Man of the Year and Entrepreneur of the Year. Additionally, the prestigious Nordic Council honored him with the Nordic Public Health Prize. He also won the PROTOS Communication award in Mexico and received recognition in Spain for promoting healthy living. Lastly, the President of Iceland presented him with an Export Award.

    Turner Enterprise saw the genius in LazyTown and acquired the brand. Accordingly, they named Magnús as their CEO. With this new role, his influence grew. Michelle Obama, David Cameron, Chile’s First Lady Cecilia Morel, and former Mexican President Felipe Calderón sought his insights on fighting child obesity. Major entities like the European Commission and the United Nations tapped into his expertise for health campaigns.

    A popular motivational speaker, Magnús Scheving is sought-after by Fortune 500 companies and public events around the world. He infuses every talk with energy, captivating his audience. When he speaks, it’s not just words; it’s a performance. His athletic skills blend seamlessly with the wisdom he imparts.

    Today, Magnús Scheving inspires countless individuals. His life’s mission? To drive positive change and improve lives worldwide.

    Magnús Scheving Speaking Videos

    Magnus Scheving (Lazy Town): "The future is minimalist"
    Magnús Scheving - Turning Health into a Game

    Magnús Scheving Keynote Topics

    In this gripping narrative, delve deep into Magnús's transformative journey with LazyTown, a passion project that burgeoned from a quaint idea to a global sensation. Charting the course from its humble beginnings to its worldwide acclaim, Magnús lays bare the trials, triumphs, and tenacity that characterized this voyage. As obesity became a worldwide challenge, his dedication to fostering healthier lifestyles, especially among children, was unwavering. This talk offers an intimate look into the making of LazyTown as a brand, its contribution to the health arena, and the relentless spirit that powered its rise. Join Magnús to discover how a singular mission can resonate globally and inspire change on an unprecedented scale.

    Using the journey of LazyTown's rise—from a humble idea to a worldwide sensation—as a backdrop, Magnús highlights how an individual from a small country of 300,000 challenged the giants in the entertainment industry. Through his narrative, he dives deep into the real essence of business, debunking popular misconceptions and uncovering fundamental truths that promise to alter the way audiences think. Magnús delves into questions like, "What truly defines profit?" and "Is there value in certain errors?" showcasing ways to discern what truly marks success. Throughout his ventures, Magnús has prioritized social accountability, fostering teamwork, and promoting gender balance at work. He shares insights into why nurturing these areas could be amongst the most rewarding efforts for a business and imparts invaluable wisdom gained from his experiences.

    The upcoming generation is diligently gearing up to lead the world in the future. It's crucial that we equip them with the right resources, ideologies, and encouragement to pave the way for a thriving and sustainable tomorrow. From establishing a renowned brand from scratch through sheer determination and creativity, Magnús has gleaned insights that are indispensable for those venturing into the global scene. This presentation offers both foundational guidance and ample motivation, underlined by the message, "Indeed, anything is achievable." This discourse is a favorite for graduation events or as supplementary learning. Each presentation is unique, and it can be tailored to accentuate subjects that resonate with the audience's primary focus or academic specialization, including areas like branding, marketing, and holistic management.

    Magnús stands out as a motivational speaker, boasting years of expertise in fostering team cohesion and empowering employees. He has pioneered and managed several businesses throughout his career. Through the evolution of LazyTown, Magnús discerned the power of a compact, passionate team with constrained resources. When driven and inspired, such a team can surpass the outputs of larger, more resource-rich competitors. This philosophy became the driving force behind Magnús and the entire LazyTown venture, fostering a mindset where each employee plays a pivotal role in propelling the company towards its objectives. His expertise hasn't gone unnoticed. Leading airlines, prominent hotel brands, esteemed business academies, and corporations like Toyota and Vodafone have sought his insights to invigorate their teams and amplify productivity in a dynamic and engaging manner. Every employee embodies untapped potential, a treasure trove of capabilities waiting to be discovered and harnessed.

    Magnús delves into his continuously evolving perspective, enriched by the unique learnings he's amassed throughout his adventures. From his early entrepreneurial days in a quaint town on an isolated island near the Arctic, Magnús embarked on a journey that pitted him against global giants. Armed with nothing but sheer determination, a receptive attitude, and the audacity to take leaps of faith, he consistently managed to emerge victorious. His initial mission was straightforward: How can one make educational content on a healthy lifestyle engaging? How can one inspire change on a global scale? Years down the line, with a fanbase that counts in the millions, it's evident that Magnús has transformed his vision into reality. Yet, the invaluable lessons he picked up along the way remain timeless, serving as beacons of inspiration for those aiming to actualize their aspirations. Magnús shares golden nuggets of wisdom—counsel he wishes someone had imparted to him two decades earlier. He delves into the anatomy of ideas, discerning the promising from the unfeasible. He underscores the power of perspective, illuminating the ways to cultivate the perfect entrepreneurial spirit. From recognizing the importance of sacrifices and maintaining a work-life equilibrium to spotting market opportunities, understanding legal intricacies like trademarks, nurturing teams, mastering sales, and much more—Magnús touches upon the myriad facets that define the entrepreneurial journey.

    Throughout his professional journey, Magnús has consistently championed the cause of healthy and active living, placing particular emphasis on the well-being of children. His ambition to inspire global movement has seen significant success. As the menace of obesity looms large across the globe, Magnús has been a trailblazer in countering this challenge. Collaborating with LazyTown, he has sought expertise from nutritionists, medical professionals, psychologists, and biologists worldwide to discern the root causes of the obesity surge and devise effective strategies to combat it. In this captivating presentation, Magnús unravels his perspectives and discoveries surrounding this pressing concern, coupled with potential solutions. The moment to respond is now!

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