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Magnús Scheving

Creator & Star as "Sportacus" of LazyTown


Founder of LazyTown, an entertainment brand that encourages parents and children to choose healthy options. Speaker Magnús Scheving has assisted world leaders such as David Cameron and Michelle Obama in dealing with the issue of child obesity. Organizations book Magnús Scheving to learn about the story of LazyTown, health, marketing, personal empowerment, and social entrepreneurship for the greater good.

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    Magnús Scheving biography

    Motivational speaker Magnús Scheving is an entrepreneur who has always had clear goals and achieved them all. Magnús has stayed motivated and inspired throughout his life, from his humble Icelandic roots to becoming a fixture in more than 500 million homes around the world. He has always strived for success and self-improvement, with the primary goal of enhancing the lives of individuals worldwide.

    Magnús is mostly famous for his role as “Sportacus” in LazyTown. Entertainment brand LazyTown encourages parents and children to choose healthy options. More than 170 countries have seen the TV series which he wrote, directed, and produced. LazyTown has obtained several awards, including a BAFTA. In addition, it has received nominations for two Emmys.

    Speaker Magnús Scheving is no stranger to accolades for his accomplishments. He became Iceland’s Athlete of the Year after winning two European Championships titles. On top of that, he has been named Iceland’s Marketing Man and Entrepreneur of the Year. Furthermore, he has obtained the Nordic Public Health Prize. He also received the MDF’s Healthy Living Award for his efforts in promoting a healthy lifestyle in Spain. In addition, he has obtained an Export Award from Iceland’s President.

    With Turner Enterprise’s acquisition of the LazyTown brand and the subsequent appointment of Magnús as CEO, world leaders such as David Cameron, Cecilia Morel, Michelle Obama, and former Mexican President Felipe Calderón have enlisted Magnus’ assistance in dealing with the issue of child obesity. The European Commission and the United Nations have also enlisted him to promote healthy and active lifestyles.

    Actor, athlete, entrepreneur, and creative all rolled into one: Magnus Scheving is a sought-after motivator and motivational speaker with extensive knowledge. He always succeeds in infusing inspiration to every audience he speaks to, thanks to his spirit and energy.

    When Magnus gives speeches, he uses his athleticism and finely honed performance skills to convey the wisdom and experience he has gained over the course of his long and successful career.

    Magnús Scheving Keynote Topics

    In this keynote speech, motivational speaker Magnús Scheving will tell his incredible history creating LazyTown from his native Iceland to becoming a global phenomenon. The speech will address aspects such as:
    · How can we stay creative? How to accept the risk and get out of your comfort zone.
    · The role of a leader in developing a recognizable and enduring style for the brand
    · Re-define what profit means - business ethics that go beyond the economic aspects
    · Cultivating positive attitudes for your business to flourish

    In this speech the successful businessman & entrepreneur Magnús Scheving will empower your audience so that they can improve in all aspects of their lives. Thanks to his experience of more than 30 years educating and motivating people to make the right decisions, Scheving will apply his leadership, motivation and team management skills to share the foundations and knowledge that everyone must have to empower themselves. With his innate ability to connect with people, Magnús will get the audience involved and engaged from beginning to end.

    In this speech, the entrepreneur and creator of the LazyTown series, Magnús Scheving, will talk about how he managed to transform an idea to promote children's nutrition and health into a respected global brand. Your audience will learn first-hand how the series and brand creation process went, as well as discovering how communication and marketing were focused, which allowed the series to be taken from Iceland to more than 180 countries around the world.

    The producer, creator and star of LazyTown, Magnús Scheving has two very clear premises in his life, "Profitability and responsibility go hand in hand" and "True success is achieved when everyone wins." Thanks to them, he has achieved many national and international successes starting from his native Iceland and has managed to generate really good habits for all the viewers of the series. This achievement was possible due to the great social commitment that the series has as it evokes its viewers to improve themselves by promoting values ​​such as effort, help or camaraderie apart from sport.

    Magnús Scheving Speaking Videos

    Magnus Scheving (Lazy Town): "The future is minimalist"
    Magnús Scheving - Turning Health into a Game

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