Nobel Prize Speaker Maria Ressa

Maria Ressa

2021 Nobel Peace Prize Winner. CEO of Rappler, Journalist, Author & Freedom Advocate

Co-winner of the 2021 Peace Nobel Prize with Dmitry Andreyevich Muratov. Speaker Maria Ressa offers advice to enterprises and organizations on issues such as values, corporate governance, and strategic planning. Organizations book Maria Ressa to learn about technology’s impact on democracy, fighting back populism and fake news with data, and how companies thrive with transparency.

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    Maria Ressa biography

    Nobel Prize Speaker Maria Ressa received the Peace Nobel Prize together with Dmitry Andreyevich Muratov in 2021. They accomplished this thanks to their work on protecting freedom of expression.  Furthermore, Maria co-established and is currently its executive editor and CEO. In 2018, Maria became TIME’s Person of the Year. The following year, TIME listed her as one of the 100 Most Influential People.

    Speaker Maria Ressa has received many honors thanks to her courage in fighting fake news and trying to prevent the silencing of the free press. Maria offers advice to enterprises and organizations on issues such as values, corporate governance, and strategic planning. She became a popular keynote speaker and panelist because of her expertise as an entrepreneur and journalist in the digital era. In fact, Maria has been a journalist for more than 35 years and even worked for CNN as a reporter on terrorism. 

    In 2012, she co-established Rappler, along with a team of 12 developers and reporters. Social media has helped Rappler become the Philippines’ fourth-largest news website. Despite her arrest for exposing the Duterte government’s corruption, Ressa has made it clear that she will never stop fighting corruption.

    Ressa is also a member of The Real Facebook Oversight Board. Maria wrote books on Al-Qaeda and Bin Laden. In 2020, she was in the documentary titled “A Thousand Cuts,” where she reports on the abuses of Duterte’s presidency. In the documentary, she also demonstrates how social media can be used to mislead people and consolidate political power.

    Maria’s most recent book is How to Stand up to a Dictator, which was published in 2022. The book chronicles Ressa’s efforts to hold power to account in the Philippines as she worked to transform the country from an authoritarian state to a democracy.

    Maria Ressa Speaking Videos

    Nobel Prize lecture: Maria Ressa, Nobel Peace Prize 2021
    A conversation with 2021 Nobel Peace Prize laureate Maria Ressa

    Maria Ressa Keynote Topics

    In this talk, based on 2021 Nobel Peace Prize winner Maria Ressa's memoir, Ressa will share her story about hw Rappler and herself have faced significant backlash and legal action from the Philippine government, specifically President Duterte, for their reporting and efforts to expose disinformation networks that spread lies and fuel anger and hate among citizens. In addition to sharing her personal experiences of standing up to an authoritarian leader, Ressa also examines how social media companies have contributed to the spread of lies and rise of dictators around the world, including in the United States, Britain, Russia, and China. This talk serves as a warning about the fragility of democracy and calls on readers to recognize and understand the dangers to their freedoms before it is too late.

    Maria Ressa will delve into the importance of transparency in corporate governance and how it can drive success for businesses. As a journalist and the recipient of the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize, Ressa has extensive experience investigating and exposing corruption and malfeasance. She will discuss the role that transparency plays in building trust with stakeholders and creating a strong and accountable corporate culture. Ressa will also share insights and examples from her own career and from companies that have successfully implemented transparent governance practices. Attendees of this talk will come away with a better understanding of how transparency can benefit businesses and how to effectively implement it within their own organizations.

    In this talk, Maria Ressa will explore the power of data as a tool for holding power to account and fighting back against corruption, disinformation, and authoritarianism. As a journalist and the recipient of the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize, Ressa has dedicated her career to investigating and exposing wrongdoing and advocating for transparency and accountability. In this talk, she will share how she and her colleagues at Rappler, the online news organization she founded, use data to uncover and report on the truth. Ressa will also discuss the challenges and risks involved in gathering and reporting on sensitive data, particularly in the face of pushback from those in power. Attendees of this talk will gain a deeper understanding of the importance of data in journalism and the role it can play in holding power to account and promoting transparency and accountability.

    In this talk, Maria Ressa will examine the ways in which technology has both enabled and threatened democratic societies. As a journalist and the recipient of the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize, Ressa has first-hand experience with the power of technology to spread information and hold power to account, but has also seen how it can be used to spread disinformation and fuel authoritarianism. In this talk, Ressa will delve into the ways in which technology has shaped the democratic process, from the role of social media in political campaigns to the use of algorithms to influence public opinion. She will also discuss the challenges and responsibilities that come with the use of technology in democratic societies and offer insight into how we can harness its power for the good of democracy. Attendees of this talk will come away with a better understanding of the complex relationship between technology and democracy and the ways in which we can use technology to strengthen and protect democratic societies.

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