Motivational Speaker Mark Schulman

Mark Schulman

World Renowned Drummer for bands: P!NK, Cher, Velvet Revolver; Author; Keynote Speaker

Motivational speaker Mark Schulman, known for his impressive drumming skills and performances with top artists like P!NK and Cher, delivers dynamic keynote events that blend music and innovative business strategies. Described as "Tony Robbins meets Bono meets Ringo Starr," Mark's presentations leave audiences astounded and inspired, with teachings on attitude, behavior, and consequences that resonate with CEOs and attendees from top companies worldwide.

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    Mark Schulman biography

    Motivational speaker Mark Schulman is a proficient drummer who has toured with the likes of P!NK and Cher. Mark Schulman is a versatile performer, musician, and someone with a business-oriented mind. During his events, he puts up a real show where he helps his audience Boost their Rockstar Quotient as well as Hacking the Rockstar Attitude. Mark Schulman’s shows have the power to inspire and provide business strategies that are innovative.

    Mark’s keynote speaking events feature live drum performances where visual and audio make it a one-of-a-kind experience. Speaker Mark Schulman uses real-life experience and music in order to spread his teachings. Some of his events’ attendees include CEOs from Yahoo, Microsoft, Zappos, Sony, IBM, and McDonald’s.

    Mark Schulman’s events truly leave people astounded for weeks. His official website describes such events as “Tony Robbins meets Bono meets Ringo Starr”. Mark breaks the boundaries of performance and possibility while interacting with the audience and performing live. He also shares his experiences with Billy Idol, Cher, P!NK, and other famous artists.

    In 2015, Schulman released a book titled Conquering Life’s Stage Fright. Mark has completed his latest book, “The Attitude Formula,” presenting a compelling route to success and contentment: Attitude multiplied by Behavior equals Outcome. Together with his co-author Dr. Jim Samuels, they have conversed with top-tier talents from various sectors to understand how ATTITUDE influenced BEHAVIOR, leading to exceptional OUTCOMES in their careers. This book is set to be launched at the start of 2024.

    In May 2023, Mark took on roles as both a mentor and panelist for the novel musical TV contest, “BANDED.” This program introduces a fresh twist to the “create-a-band” idea by teaming budding musicians with renowned mentors. In addition to his judging responsibilities, Mark will mentor a rock group.

    Furthermore, Mark possesses skills in music production, is a proficient sound technician, and shares ownership of West Triad Recording Studio located in Venice, California.

    Mark Schulman Speaking Videos

    Mark Schulman - Attitude and Purpose
    Mark Schulman - Rock well

    Mark Schulman Keynote Topics

    Mark Schulman's captivating keynote events go beyond traditional motivational speaking, providing practical strategies for organizations, leaders, and individuals to boost their productivity, capacity, performance, innovation, and morale. Described as a "rock show disguised as a keynote," Mark's unique approach delivers measurable results and leaves audiences energized and inspired.
    - Innovation, Performance, Communication
    - Sales, Leadership, Team Building
    - Breaking Through Barriers to Success

    Incorporating Mark's three core principles, this dynamic and sensory-driven program will provide you with a blueprint for infusing rock & roll philosophy, techniques, and swagger into your business to drive performance and energize your work environment. Get ready to rock and walk away with practical strategies for success!
    - Innovation, Communication
    - Sales/Presenting, Leadership
    - Individual and Team Top Performance.

    At your event, Mark will bring his bestselling book to life through captivating stories, live performances, and interactive exercises. He will illustrate how individual and team performances can be enhanced by following three simple yet powerful steps: Clarity, Capability, and Confidence. By applying these concepts, you and your team can elevate your performance to new heights by transforming fear and trepidation into unshakable confidence!
    - Individual and Team Top Performance
    - Sales/Presenting, Communication, Innovation

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