Technology Speaker Martin Eberhard

Martin Eberhard

Founder & Former CEO, Tesla Motors

Co-founder of Tesla Motors and its founding CEO. Speaker Martin Eberhard's revolutionary creations have set the way for all future electric cars and have helped spread awareness on the importance of moving away from carbon fuels. Organizations book Martin Eberhard to learn how to build a culture of innovation, understand the business of green, and the ethical issues surrounding artificial intelligence.

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    Martin Eberhard biography

    Innovation speaker Martin Eberhard is a veteran Silicon Valley entrepreneur, engineer, and inventor. He invented around 22 patents. He studied computer engineering and electrical engineering in Illinois, obtaining a BS in 1982 and an MS in 1984.

    The University of Illinois awarded Martin an Alumni Award for Distinguished Service and the Distinguished Alumni Award. In 1987, speaker Martin Eberhard co-founded Network Computing Devices. During his time as Chief Engineer, he created a plethora of successful products. 

    Nine years later, Martin co-founded NuvoMedia, where he created the Rocket eBook with Marc Tarpenning. The book was the first to enable secure internet delivery of content.  In 2000, Gemstar acquired NuvoMedia. Two years later, Martin and Marc Tarpenning created Tesla Motors. Speaker Martin Eberhard was CEO of Tesla Motors for five years. The public began perceiving electric cars differently, thanks to Martin and Marc. These types of cars were now sexy, fast, and a symbol of the future.

    Eberhard’s revolutionary ideas and creations have set the way for all future electric cars. For example, an electric car should use technology that makes it possible to make them stand out from other types of vehicles.  In addition, lithium-ion batteries are the best battery technology for electric cars and many other products.

    Martin also highlighted that even those who love fast and high-performing cars can fall in love with electric cars with the right design. Aside from working for Tesla Motors, Eberhard shared his expertise for two years at Volkswagen. Furthermore, Martin has traveled the world to speak about why we should reduce carbon fuels and how we can do so. He has also shared the pros of using electric cars and why we need more individuals to study engineering and science.

    Currently, Martin Eberhard is on the Advisory Boards and Board of Directors of many startups in Silicon Valley.

    Martin Eberhard Speaking Videos

    Tesla's Founders On Elon Musk And The Early Days
    Tesla co-founder Martin Eberhard on EV revolution

    Martin Eberhard Keynote Topics

    In this speech, Tesla's co-founder Martin Eberhard discusses how to create a culture of innovation within an organization. Drawing on his extensive experience as a tech entrepreneur and innovator, Eberhard offers insights and practical strategies for fostering a mindset of continuous improvement and experimentation. He shares stories from his own career, including his work on the development of the first e-book reader and the creation of the Tesla Roadster, and discusses the challenges and successes he faced in building innovative teams and products. Through a combination of lectures and interactive exercises, attendees will learn how to cultivate an environment that encourages creativity and risk-taking, how to identify and pursue new opportunities, and how to develop and implement innovative ideas.

    In this session. Martin Eberhard discusses the intersection of business and sustainability. He covers the latest trends and challenges in the world of environmental sustainability, and provides insights and strategies for building a successful green business. Eberhard draws on his experience as a tech entrepreneur and innovator, sharing case studies and examples from his own career and the wider business world.

    This talk is suitable for entrepreneurs and business leaders who are interested in creating a more sustainable future. Eberhard provides practical tips and advice for developing and implementing green initiatives, as well as addressing common challenges and opportunities. He also covers the financial and marketing aspects of building a green business, and explores the role of leadership and innovation in driving change.

    Overall, "The Business of Green" is a thought-provoking and actionable discussion on the importance of sustainability in the modern business world, and how to harness the power of innovation and leadership to create a better future for all.

    In this talk, Martin Eberhard addresses the complex ethical questions and challenges posed by the rapid development and deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) in various fields, including healthcare, finance, education, and transportation. Drawing on his expertise as a tech entrepreneur and innovator, Eberhard discusses the potential risks and benefits of AI, and how to ensure that it is developed and used in a way that is fair, transparent, and aligned with ethical principles.

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