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Matt Mullenweg

Co-founder of WordPress. Founder and CEO of Automattic (, Tumblr, WooCommerce & Jetpack)

Our lives rely increasingly on the Internet, and the Internet relies on WordPress. More than 30% of all websites use the open-source platform; each of them can thank Matt Mullenweg for its creation. An open-source software pioneer and maverick supporter of distributed working, Mullenweg continues to shape the face of business. His keynote speeches highlight events devoted to entrepreneurism and disruptive innovation.

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    Matt Mullenweg biography

    Business speaker Matt Mullenweg is best known for co-founding WordPress, but his innovations didn’t stop there. A spirited public speaker, Matt Mullenweg shares his insights on the future of work and bringing companies imaginatively to scale.

    More than 40% of the Internet’s top 10 million sites use WordPress, the content management system co-created by Matt Mullenweg. As CEO of Automattic, the company he founded to develop WordPress, Mullenweg demonstrates the commercial viability of open-source SaaS software. Automattic also publishes the Jetpack WordPress toolkit and WooCommerce, an open-source eCommerce platform, among other products.

    Mullenweg was also ahead of the home-office curve. In 2017, after noticing that nearly none of Automattic’s employees used its San Francisco co-working space, he closed it down. As he related in a popular 2019 TED talk, all of Mullenweg’s businesses now operate on a completely distributed model. Automattic alone accounts for 1,100 employees living in more than 60 countries. The move prompted Mullenweg to create a popular blog, Distributed with Matt Mullenweg, and an accompanying podcast.

    Through Audrey Capital, Mullenweg advises and invests in start-up companies. He supports a wide range of charitable organizations, ranging from the Alaska Wilderness League to the Innocence Project and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

    Matt Mullenweg Speaking Videos

    Matt Mullenweg - Why Distributed Workplaces Are More Productive Than Offices
    Matt Mullenweg - Why working from home is good for business

    Matt Mullenweg Keynote Topics

    With the confinement of cities and even entire countries during the Coronavirus COVID-19 crisis, many companies were forced to send their workers home and implement telework in record time. Matt Mullenweg, a successful entrepreneur at various companies such as WordPress or WooCommerce, already had an organizational culture in place for years that effectively allowed its workers to work from home, with excellent results. In 2017, he sold the company's offices in San Francisco because almost no employee used them anymore. Since then, all of his companies have a 100 percent distributed workforce. In this keynote, Matt will talk about the great benefits for workers but also for companies of adopting work-at-home models that foster flexibility and allows employees to effectively combine their private and work lives in our complicated and fast changing world.

    In 2003, when he was just 19 years old, Matt Mullenweg was already a pioneering blogger. When the developer of the software he used for blogging, b2, disappeared and stopped updating it, Matt decided to clone the program and improve it so that everyone could continue blogging. And thus, WordPress was born. Today, almost two decades later, WordPress is responsible for creating 30% of Internet websites and is the undisputed market leader. Matt Mullenweg, now a multi-millionaire successful entrepreneur, will tell in this keynote his success story not only founding WordPress but many other companies that he has founded and are now used by millions of users around the globe.

    Desde sus inicios en 2003, Wordpress no ha dejado de crecer y de ganar más y más protagonismo por todo el mundo, su facilidad de uso y posibilidades de personalización unido a una comunidad de desarrolladores incansable han hecho que 1 de cada 4 páginas web se realicen actualmente con su plataforma como base.

    En esta conferencia y de la mano de su fundador, el conferencista de negocios Matt Mullenweg, veremos cuál es su futuro y hacia dónde se centrarán sus esfuerzos de mejora. Esta charla tiene un gran impacto ya que muestra la tendencia que van a seguir una cuarta parte de las páginas web del mundo y más de 60% de las páginas que usan CMS. Matt detallará tanto desarrollos propios como plugins y futuras integraciones, tanto de Wordpress como de WooCommerce y Jetpack, sus otras empresas del grupo.

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