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Megan Reitz

Leadership & Employee Activism Expert. Top 50 Management Thinkers in the World in 2021

Listed as one of the Most Influential Thinkers by HR Magazine. Speaker Megan Reitz’s research focuses on the neuroscience of leadership and the relationship between mindfulness and today's leadership abilities. Organizations book Megan Reitz to learn about leading in an age of employee activism, fostering psychological safety in the workplace, encouraging open dialogue, the power of mindful leadership, and diversity and inclusion.

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    Megan Reitz biography

    Leadership speaker Megan Reitz teaches at Hult International Business School, where she focuses on dialogue, change, and mindfulness.

    HR Magazine listed her as one of the Most Influential Thinkers. Megan wrote several books, including “Speak Up” which was listed in the CMI Management Book of the Year 2020 award.

    As part of her research, Reitz focuses on the neuroscience of leadership as well as the relationship between mindfulness and today’s leadership abilities. In 2021, Thinkers50 shortlisted Megan for the Breakthrough Idea Award, which recognizes breakthroughs in management thinking. Moreover, The Harvard Business Review featured her work: “The wrong way to respond to employee activism.”

    In the past, speaker Megan Reitz worked at Deloitte and The Kalchas Group. Furthermore, she worked for Computer Science Corporation, NTL, and boo.com.

    She studied at Cambridge University and Cranfield School of Management. Her doctoral research focused on how organizations develop their leadership and dialogue. Furthermore, she believes it is crucial to evaluate and enquire about the quality of our personal and professional connections in organizational contexts.

    Megan’s research reaches businesses around the world through cooperation, teaching, and speaking via Reitz Consulting. She also conducted research in dialogue and relational leadership, with a focus on implementing Martin Buber’s work on I-Thou dialogue.

    Megan Reitz’s specialty includes speaking truth to power and mindfulness. 

    Megan Reitz Speaking Videos

    Megan Reitz - How your power silences truth
    Megan Reitz - Speaking truth to power

    Megan Reitz Keynote Topics

    Increasingly, employees are starting challenging conversations with management: “So, what’s our policy on Black Lives Matter, gender equity, climate change, human rights in our supply chain?” Some leaders respond by saying their organization is apolitical, or they hand off hard-to-avoid issues to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) managers. Worse, they don’t respond at all. Silencing employees works against organizations in a number of ways. Two big drawbacks: employees may not reveal hidden problems which can grow, or they may end up leaving if the values of the organization do not align with their own, explains Megan Reitz, professor of leadership and dialogue at Hult International Business School, and co-author of the acclaimed book “Speak Up: Say What Needs to be Said and Hear What Needs to be Heard.” In this talk, she shares her research-backed framework which helps leaders become aware of their responses to employee activism and serves as a playbook for proactively and thoughtfully engaging with employees. Leaders come away with a stronger ability to navigate power differences and transform their workplace cultures. As a result, employees are more likely to openly communicate, and leaders are able to find out what’s really going on in their organization and harness much-needed ideas for tackling the ‘wicked’ business, social and environmental challenges that now face us.

    How can leaders foster a culture where employees feel free to speak up about workplace concerns without fear of retribution? How can employees be encouraged to challenge conventional thinking and offer new ideas so teams can remain agile and innovative? And how can organizations both avoid scandal and facilitate overall healthy corporate cultures? A renowned expert on leadership and dialogue, Hult International Business School professor Megan Reitz teaches leaders that having a psychologically safe culture requires them to notice their own habits and be mindful of the signals they’re sending which may be deliberately or inadvertently silencing others. In this presentation, Reitz shares evidence-based communication tools leaders can use to encourage employees to speak up and ensure all voices are heard so vital knowledge and innovative ideas can be regularly exchanged.

    Many employees have a burning desire to voice their opinions regarding important organizational changes, yet companies may not have a culture that encourages them to do so. When leaders become aware of the link between leadership and mindfulness, says Hult International Business School professor Megan Reitz, space for speaking truth to power is born. In this presentation based on her engaging TEDxHultAshridge talk, Reitz teaches leaders how to navigate power differences and transform their workplace cultures so employees feel free to openly communicate.

    What role does mindfulness play in leadership? Hult International Business School Professor Megan Reitz’s research shows that mindfulness opens doors for leaders to become more “present,” enabling them to respond rather than react to circumstances, which in turn builds resilience, improves focus, and allows them to become better listeners and decision makers. Based on her book “Mind Time,” Reitz teaches participants tools for becoming more present, mindful, less stressed, and more effective leaders who are viewed as more approachable and relatable.

    How can leaders do their part to mitigate biases among their employees and also become aware of their own unconscious biases? Hult International Business School Professor Megan Reitz helps leaders and employees understand how they unconsciously “label” both themselves and others, and how those labels convey different levels of status and authority depending on context. In this talk, she explains how such a dynamic affects the broader conversation around voice and inclusion. She then shares tools for building sensitivity and awareness so everyone in an organization feels seen, heard and included – and, as a result, more satisfied, engaged and productive.

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