Motivational Speaker Michael Bungay Stanier

Michael Bungay Stanier

Bestselling Author, "The Coaching Habit"; "The Advice Trap" and "How to Begin". Motivational Productivity Expert

Bestselling author of The Coaching Habit, considered the 'coaching book of the century' which has sold over a million copies worldwide, and also of The Advice Trap, and How to Begin. Organizations book Michael Bungay Stanier to learn how to start a worthy goal, how to strive to be the best, how to stay curious, and how to make coaching an everyday leadership act.

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    Michael Bungay Stanier biography

    Motivational speaker Michael Bungay Stanier is the author of The Coaching Habit. The book has thousands of 5-star reviews. In addition, it has sold almost 1 million copies. The Coaching Habit is self-published, but nothing stopped it from becoming the best-selling book on coaching. 

    In “The Coaching Habit,” Michael Bungay Stanier teaches managers and their teams how to make coaching a regular, informal part of their daily routine in order to achieve better results with less effort. The book provides practical, everyday coaching skills that have been tested on more than 10,000 managers around the world. It is a fresh, innovative take on the traditional how-to manual that combines insider information, research from neuroscience and behavioral economics, and interactive training tools to help managers turn practical advice into practiced habits. It is a witty, conversational guide that can help managers take their work and their workplace from good to great.

    Michael also wrote The Advice Trap and created Box of Crayons. The latter assists organizations that want to change from focusing on advice to focusing on curiosity. Box of Crayons has helped thousands of managers, whose clients include Gucci and Microsoft, to shift to the coaching mentality. The company is a human-centered place to work and strives to practice what it preaches.            

    Michael’s latest book is ‘How to Begin: Start Doing Something That Matters‘. Above all, it is a guide to help readers discover their ambition and identify a goal that truly matters to them.

    Furthermore, Michael wrote a book in partnership with Seth Godin. The book helped collect 400,000 dollars for Malaria No More. Michael has also created many podcasts and has spoken to audiences worldwide. Most of his career aimed to push back at power structures, including revolutionizing coaching in a way that everyone can access it.

    In 2019, speaker Michael Bungay Stanier founded Michael is originally from Australia but currently lives in Toronto. He has also spent time in Boston and London.   

    Michael Bungay Stanier Speaking Videos

    Michael Bungay Stanier - How to tame your Advice Monster
    The Coaching Habit: Michael Bungay Stanier & Marshall Goldsmith

    Michael Bungay Stanier Keynote Topics

    For participants to see and experience the power of being more coach-like.

    Coaching is a powerful leadership behaviour. But coaching comes with baggage: it’s difficult, it’s “HR”, it’s a black box. This session helps “unweird” coaching, and provides five questions that can make coaching an everyday leadership act.

    By the time we’re done, participants will have:

    - Learned about the three vicious circles of leadership … and which one they’re stuck in
    - Measured how they split their time between Bad, Good and Great Work
    - Confessed to at least one of the five reasons they’re skeptical about coaching right now
    - Worked through the Five Key Questions, including the Best Coaching Question in the World

    Based on Michael’s best-selling book, The Coaching Habit.

    For participants who want to shift their leadership style to say less and ask more.

    Curiosity is a leadership superpower. But while it’s easy in theory, in practice it’s difficult. This session explores the deeper barriers to staying curious, and helps participants tame their Advice Monster.

    By the time we’re done, participants will have:

    - Seen the different between Easy Change and Hard Change – and why it matters
    - Identified which of the three Advice Monsters is their Advice Monster
    - Quantified the price they and others pay for the Advice Monster being in control
    - Generated strategies for taming their Advice Monster

    Based on Michael’s best-selling book, The Advice Trap.

    For participants who want to consistently show up at their best.

    We’ve all had a sense of ourselves at our best: when we’re clever, generous, strategic, and proactive. We also know how easy it is to get knocked off our stride, and become less smart, less generous, less strategic, and reactive. This session provides the two best tools to navigate your way back to being your best.

    By the time we’re done, participants will have:

    - Explored three common ways we get knocked off our stride
    - Worked with a tool to help “move towards the light”: return to the best version of themselves
    - Worked with a tool to help “move away from the dark”: avoid the lesser versions of themselves
    - Identified when and where they’ll best deploy those tools

    For participants to get clear, get courageous and get going on work that matters.

    One of our greatest fears is a meaningless life. One of the certain ways to create a life of meaning is to do more of the work that matters. This session provides the tools to help find and start a worthy goal.

    By the time we’re done, participants will have:

    - Understood we unlock our greatness by taking on the hard things
    - Learned the three attributes of a Worthy Goal
    - Understand the choices required to fully commit to a Worthy Goal
    - Designed the first “small steps” across the threshold for their worthy goal

    Based on Michael’s book, How to Begin.

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