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Mika Hakkinen

2-times Formula One World Champion

Winner of multiple Grands Prix since 1997. Speaker Mika Hakkinen was publicly recognized by Michael Schumacher as the only man to have the skills to challenge him. Organizations book Mika Hakkinen to learn about the business of sport, teamwork, and performance.

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    Mika Hakkinen biography

    Motivational speaker Mika Hakkinen started his career at McLaren in 1993, when he joined as a test driver. The drivers for that season were Ayrton Senna and Michael Andretti. After the return of Andretti to the US, Hakkinen stepped in to replace him. He made his Formula One debut by outqualifying the legendary Ayrton Senna in Portugal.

    His brilliant performance served as a testament to Hakkinen’s true potential. With the departure of Senna and the introduction of Mercedes-Benz power, Hakkinen started driving a car that demonstrated his abilities.

    In 1997, Hakkinen won his first Grand Prix at Jerez, while in 1998, he won his first World Championship, where he came first in eight of the sixteen races. The following year, though, proved to be a much more difficult one for him. However, he scored five more Grand Prix victories on his way to securing his title at the final race of the season.

    As of that point, Michael Schumacher publicly recognized Mika as the only man to have the skills to challenge him. Hakkinen’s skills showed during the Belgian Grand Prix in 2000. During the event, he overtook the German driver at 300 kilometers per hour on the challenging Eau Rouge corner exit. It is still remembered as a pivotal point in the Hakkinen-Schumacher rivalry.

    Hakkinen won four more Grands Prix in 2000. However, Ferrari’s car was so strong at that point that the World Championship went to Michael Schumacher.

    Although Hakkinen continued to perform at the top of his game in 2001 with victories at the British and United States Grands Prix, he decided to take a break in 2002 after another accident. He never returned to Formula One after that. As a result, he decided to retire at the peak of his career at 33. In 2005, he returned to racing as a Mercedes-Benz driver in the DTM, German Touring Car Championship. He stayed for three seasons before retiring from the sport in 2007.

    Speaker Mika Hakkinen’s involvement in Formula One continues to this day through various business interests and brand ambassadorships in the sport.

    Mika Hakkinen Speaking Videos

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    Mika Hakkinen Keynote Topics

    What is it like to drive a F1 car at almost 400km/h? How can teams and drivers handle the stress of never being able to make a mistake, in a sport where every little delay can cost you a win? Can these lessons be translated into the business world? Yes, and Mika Hakkinen, Formula One World Champion, will tell your audience the many links between sports and business in this fascinating speech.

    When a Formula One driver needs to do a Pit Stop, it is imperative that the team manages to fix the car and change the tires in perfect synch so that they lose the minimum time possible in a sport where every millisecond matters. An incredible teamwork effort must take place on every race to crown a champion. Mika Hakkinen will share with your audience the secrets and tips from winning in one of the most difficult sports in the planet where teamwork places a vital role in success.

    How can a person become the best in the world at something? Top performance over a long period of time is key. Mika Hakkinen, Formula One World Champion in 1998 and 1999, and the only person who ever made it difficult for the best in history, Schumacher, to keep winning will share the secrets of performance in this amazing speech with your audience.

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