Cyborg Speaker Moon Ribas

Moon Ribas

Avant-garde Artist and Cyborg Activist

Co-founder of the Transpecies Society and the Cyborg Foundation. Speaker Moon Ribas created the Seismic Sense, a seismic sensor attached to her feet that enables her to detect global earthquakes via vibrations in real-time. Organizations book Moon Ribas to learn about cyborg art, earthbeat, waiting for earthquakes, and seismic percussion.

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    Moon Ribas biography

    Cyborg speaker Moon Ribas is an artist and activist famous for creating the Seismic Sense. This is a seismic sensor attached to her feet that enables her to detect global earthquakes via vibrations in real-time. She then uses her seismic sense to communicate her experience on stage. In Seismic Percussion, Ribas transforms earthquakes into sound; in Waiting For Earthquakes, she transforms earthquakes into dance. Earth serves as both the choreographer and composer for these performances, with Ribas serving as the interpreter.

    Additionally, speaker Moon Ribas’ seismic sense enables her to detect moonquakes, which are earthquakes that take place on the Moon. In Ribas’ view, everyone can become a “senstronaut” if they extend their senses to see beyond our own planet. With the addition of this new sense, her body can be on Earth while also feeling the Moon. It allows her to be both on Earth and in space at the same time.

    From 2007 to the present day, Moon has been getting creative with the blending of technology and her body to better understand and appreciate movement. In the past, she’s studied things like transcendental communication, 360-degree perception, and the Speedborg, amongst other things.

    In 2010, she co-founded the Cyborg Foundation, a global organization dedicated to assisting people on their journey to becoming cyborgs, defending cyborg rights, and promoting cyborg art and culture. Furthermore, she co-founded the Transpecies Society, an organization that advocates for non-humans’ identities, self-design freedom and offers the development of new senses and organs in a group setting.

    Moon Ribas Speaking Videos

    Moon Ribas - Seismic Percussion
    Moon Ribas - Searching for my sense

    Moon Ribas Keynote Topics

    Moon delves into the ways in which she has incorporated technology into her body, allowing her to sense and interact with the world in extraordinary ways. She discusses how her cyborg identity has influenced her artistic process, pushing the boundaries of traditional art forms and blurring the lines between human and machine.

    Through captivating anecdotes and awe-inspiring examples, Moon inspires audiences to consider the profound impact of technology on art and human expression. She challenges conventional notions of what art can be and opens up new possibilities for artistic innovation in the digital age.

    In this awe-inspiring talk, Moon Ribas takes audiences on a transformative journey that explores the deep connection between the human body, the Earth, and the power of sound. As a pioneering artist and performer, Moon shares her groundbreaking work in "Earthbeat," an innovative art form that merges her body's connection to seismic activity with the creation of mesmerizing soundscapes.

    Prepare to embark on a one-of-a-kind musical journey with Moon Ribas, a groundbreaking artist and performer who has redefined the way we experience music. In this captivating talk, Moon shares her pioneering work in seismic percussion, a unique art form that combines her body's connection to seismic activity with percussion instruments to create an awe-inspiring symphony of sound and movement.

    Moon delves into her deep relationship with earthquakes, which she senses through embedded sensors in her body, and how she translates the vibrations and rhythms of the Earth into breathtaking performances. She shares her creative process and the challenges and discoveries she has made in merging technology, nature, and music to create a truly groundbreaking art form.

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