AI Speaker Nina Schick

Nina Schick

Generative AI Authority; Bestselling Author & Founder, Tamang Ventures

Speaker Nina Schick is a global AI expert, renowned for her insights into the technology's human implications. With a rich background in geopolitics, she's collaborated with major leaders and organizations, and her book 'DEEPFAKES' has been a foundational text on Generative AI's societal impact. A multifaceted professional, Nina's influence extends from advising billion-dollar AI companies to spearheading a thriving AI community.

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    Nina Schick biography

    Speaker Nina Schick stands as a global pioneer in AI exploration. Ranked among the top AI voices globally, her name resonates alongside the most notable figures in the industry. LinkedIn recognizes her as an influential voice on AI matters.

    Nina delves into AI’s human side, questioning its potential effects on our lifestyle, work, and perceptions. What does AI’s evolution mean for human identity?

    Boasting over twenty years in geopolitical realms, Nina has extensively examined societal macro-trends. In the past, she honed her focus on information dynamics and emergent technologies, offering insights to global influencers like US President Joe Biden and former NATO Secretary General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

    Moreover, rooted in her geopolitical expertise, Nina was among the trailblazers to flag the transformative potential of ‘Generative AI,’ viewing it as a pivotal juncture for mankind. In Nina’s words, “It’s less about the tech; it’s more about our essence.”

    Before ChatGPT popularized AI globally, Nina had been projecting her insights on the impending “AI transformation phase.”

    Her inaugural publication, ‘DEEPFAKES’ (2020), pioneers the conversation on Generative AI’s societal ramifications. Available in multiple languages and distributed globally, it preemptively highlighted AI-associated challenges that now hold increasing relevance in global discourse.

    A staunch supporter of ethically developed AI, Nina helms Tamang Ventures, partnering with avant-garde AI enterprises. She’s a trusted advisor to Synthesia, a leading AI video-production powerhouse. It was celebrated as a ‘Unicorn’ company with a valuation surpassing a billion dollars as of June 2023.

    She’s also affiliated with Truepic, an innovative firm enhancing trustworthiness in visual content. TIME Magazine hailed it twice for groundbreaking inventions.

    Further, she pioneered ‘The Era of Generative AI,’ a thriving community with 100K+ members, featuring top-tier content and dialogues with AI visionaries. Thought-leaders like Sam Harris and Andrew Yang have sought her expertise in their discussions.

    A sought-after speaker, Nina Schick has graced global platforms such as CES, TEDx, CogX, and WebSummit. Collaborating with industry giants like Microsoft, Adobe, and DARPA, her insights have featured in renowned outlets like MIT Tech Review, WIRED, and also Time.

    Fluent in multiple languages, Nina has roots spanning London, Berlin, as well as Kathmandu.

    Nina Schick Speaking Videos

    The Rising Threats Around Synthetic Media with Nina Schick
    'Mirror of Reflection' - The First Digitally Transparent AI-Generated Video

    Nina Schick Keynote Topics

    Explore how Generative AI is shaping the workplaces of tomorrow. Understand its impact on job roles, skill demands, and the evolving nature of human-machine collaboration.

    - The transformation of job roles in the age of Generative AI.
    - Upskilling and reskilling needs for the AI-augmented workforce.
    - Strategies for businesses to prepare and adapt to the changing work landscape.

    Dive into the transformative potential of AI in reshaping content and entertainment paradigms. Explore how AI-driven content generation, personalization, and immersive experiences are redefining consumer engagement.

    - The emergence of AI-driven storytelling and content creation.
    - The future of personalized entertainment experiences.
    - Challenges and opportunities in AI-enhanced media and entertainment.

    Discover how businesses can harness the power of Generative AI to drive innovation, enhance customer experiences, and create value. Discuss practical strategies for integrating Generative AI tools and practices into business operations.

    - Business use-cases showcasing successful Generative AI implementation.
    - Strategies for businesses to adapt and thrive in the Generative AI landscape.
    - Risk management and best practices for integrating Generative AI.

    Delve into the pressing ethical dilemmas posed by rapidly advancing AI technologies. Discuss the responsibilities of developers, businesses, and governments in ensuring AI's ethical and transparent application.

    - The significance of ethical frameworks in AI development and application.
    - Real-world implications of AI biases and decision-making.
    - Building trust and accountability in AI-driven systems.

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