Social Media Speaker Nuseir Nas Yassin

Nuseir ‘Nas Daily’ Yassin

Content video Blogger (Nas Daily), Content Creator, Entrepreneur

Speaker Nuseir Yassin became a worldwide celebrity when he gained over 12 million social media followers in just 1000 days. Nuseir Yassin, the creative genius behind Nas Daily, captivates audiences with his unique storytelling expertise, harvested from his journey across the globe. His insightful narratives offer a fresh perspective on embracing diversity and fostering a culture of innovation, making him a sought-after keynote speaker.

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    Nuseir ‘Nas Daily’ Yassin biography

    Motivational speaker Nuseir “Nas” Yassin founded one of Facebook’s most-followed storytelling pages, Nas Daily. This page currently has over 20 million likes.

    Nuseir was born in Israel but is of Palestinian descent. He considers himself a “Palestinian Israeli”. Yassin has 3 siblings and he is the son of a psychologist and a teacher. He speaks Palestinian Arabic, English, and Hebrew. Nuseir Yassin considers himself a “non-religious Muslim”.

    When he was 19, speaker Nuseir ‘Nas Daily’ Yassin applied to Harvard University with the intent of obtaining an aerospace engineering degree. His application was accompanied by an essay that described the struggles he, as an Arab born in Israel, was going through in order to achieve his goals.

    In 2014, he obtained a degree in economics, as well as a minor in computer science. While studying for his degree, Nuseir became the co-founder of a social media search engine, as well as a pay-it-forward registration service.

    Nuseir Yassin worked in New York as a software developer for Venmo, a PayPal-owned mobile payment service.

    When he was 26, Nas quit his job to explore the world and become an online storyteller. His goal was to capture every moment of his travels and share the experience with his viewers. He did this by purchasing a drone and an expensive camera, promising himself to get better at storytelling each day.

    Nas set up a schedule with the intention of producing 1-minute long videos each day. The purpose of these videos was to involve viewers in Nuseir’s explorations of places and cultures. After posting 1000 videos in total, Nas gained around 12 million followers. At that point, his videos had 4 billion views. Although most of Yassin’s content was produced with the intent of being fun and light, his content did have a lot of positive social impact.

    In 2020, Nuseir founded Nas Academy, to provide education for video creators. He also created Nas Studios for video production. During the same year, he released many podcasts. In 2021, Nas Academy raised $11M, which will help the company grow further.

    Nuseir ‘Nas Daily’ Yassin Speaking Videos

    Nas Daily - Hope Is a Global Thing
    Nas Daily - Turning life from good to great

    Nuseir ‘Nas Daily’ Yassin Keynote Topics

    This talk will delve into the art and science behind crafting impactful, minute-long videos that resonate with millions. By examining key storytelling techniques, audience engagement strategies, and the role of authenticity in digital content, Yassin will elucidate how social media platforms can be harnessed to educate, inspire, and foster global connections.

    Nuseir discusses how social media can be used as a tool to cultivate cross-cultural understanding and empathy. Drawing on his experiences traveling and creating content in over 100 countries, Yassin will highlight the importance of representing diverse voices and experiences in the digital landscape and its potential impact on breaking down cultural barriers.

    Nuseir shows how content creators can leverage virality for social impact, the ethical considerations involved, and the potential of viral content to influence social norms, awareness, and action. Yassin's unique insights into the power of virality will provide a fresh perspective on the potential of digital platforms for social change.

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