Technology Speaker Oliver Cameron

Oliver Cameron

Vice President of Product at Cruise

A pioneer in artificial intelligence and self-driving cars. Speaker Oliver Cameron has extensive knowledge and experience in the industry and is Cruise's Vice President of Product. Organizations book Oliver Cameron for his knowledge of self-driving cars, as well as his teachings on how to start a self-driving car startup.

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    Oliver Cameron biography

    Keynote speaker Oliver Cameron is a pioneer in artificial intelligence as well as self-driving cars.

    After Voyage was bought out, Oliver became Cruise’s Vice President of Product. Cruise is working to develop the most sophisticated self-driving cars on the planet. These cars will let people discover new places and enjoy the things they love.

    Cruise’s strategy is to work with automotive manufacturers such as General Motors and Honda. This is to establish facilities for all-electric, zero-emission, self-driving vehicles in urban areas. Cruise’s self-driving vehicles will assist in the reduction of pollution, as well as helping save lives. They will also allow people to easily travel throughout busy cities.

    Before Cruise, Oliver co-founded Voyage and became CEO of the company. Voyage developed and launched self-driving cars that were designed specifically for seniors who were having trouble operating a standard vehicle. Their goal was to ensure everyone had access to reliable and safe transportation regardless of their situation.

    Voyage developed an autonomous taxi service that operated within a retirement community in Florida with a population of 160,000 people. This idea delivered the promise of autonomous driving by meeting the mobility needs of residents who needed this type of service the most. In March 2021, Cruise bought Voyage.

    Before joining Voyage, Oliver worked at Udacity, an online education platform worth more than $1 billion.

    Udacity, Inc. is a US for-profit educational company. Sebastian Thrun, Mike Sokolsky, and David Stavens founded the company with the aim to provide open online courses.

    According to Thrun, the word Udacity comes from the company’s ambition to be audacious for the student.

    The original objective of the company was to provide university-level courses for professionals. However, Udacity’s current objective is to better serve individuals looking to enhance their professional skills.

    Speaker Oliver Cameron led the artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicle, and deep learning curriculum. He worked with industry leaders such as Sebastian Thrun.

    Oliver Cameron Speaking Videos

    Oliver Cameron - MIT Self-Driving Cars
    Oliver Cameron - Delivering on the promise of self-driving cars

    Oliver Cameron Keynote Topics

    Oliver Cameron discusses the advancements, challenges, and potential of autonomous vehicles, shedding light on the journey towards making self-driving cars a widespread reality.

    Cameron provides a roadmap for entrepreneurs, diving into the essential steps, considerations, and strategies to successfully launch a startup in the autonomous vehicle industry.

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