Political Speaker Oscar Arias

Oscar Arias

Former President of Costa Rica & Peace Nobel Laureate

Oscar Arias is the former president of Costa Rica and the leader behind a remarkably effective Central America peace agreement. A renowned diplomat and global advocate for peace and democracy, he won the Nobel Prize in 1987. Events seeking a distinguished and accomplished champion of human progress find their perfect keynote speaker in Oscar Arias.

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    Oscar Arias biography

    Political speaker Oscar Arias won the 1987 Nobel Peace Prize for his leadership of the Central American Peace Process. An engaging and enlightening keynote speaker, Oscar Arias graces audiences with the same qualities that marked his presidency.

    Oscar Arias is a titan of international diplomacy, human rights, and also equitable economic development. A two-time president of Costa Rica, he earned the Nobel Peace Prize for bringing peace and stability to Central America. He now travels the globe sharing the benefits of his experience and applying them to modern challenges. The New York Times notes that his “positions on Central American issues have become the standards by which many people in Congress and elsewhere have come to judge United States policy.”

    The Esquipulas Nicaraguan Peace Agreement, which Arias led through more than a year of negotiations, was a landmark document. It pledged the governments of five countries to free elections, ceasefires, the disbanding of paramilitary forces, and assistance to refugees. The plan was successful, ending several long-standing armed conflicts in the region. Most important, for convening this disparate coalition of governments in the name of stability and democracy, Arias won the Nobel Peace Prize. Additionally, he used his monetary award to establish the Arias Foundation for Peace and Human Progress, which continues his work.

    As president, Arias mixed erudition and sincerity, earning him a reputation as a true man of the people.

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    Oscar Arias
    Oscar Arias - University of Miami Commencement Speech

    Oscar Arias Keynote Topics

    In a hostile environment where peace and justice do not reign, no country in the world can prosper successfully. In this keynote speech, Oscar Arias, former President of Costa Rica and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, will speak about the importance of peace and justice, emphasizing the difficulty of obtaining them and how easy it is to lose them. He will talk about how he managed to get seven 1987 Central American presidents to sign the Arias Peace Plan, managing to establish peace in the region - something that seemed impossible at the time - and that earned him the Nobel Prize. We will also talk about the main dangers of fighting for these two essential freedoms and how we can help others achieve them.

    Will poverty in the world ever end? Can we stop climate change? Will we stop terrorism and ethnic conflicts? These are all issues and conflicts that still exist today and on which politicians and leaders of every nation very often discuss but on which no solution has yet been found. To solve it, you need leaders who care about the world and not only for themselves and who are able to navigate the complexity of our challenges. Ultimately, politicians who develop moral leadership. In this keynote speech, Oscar Arias, former president of Costa Rica and one of the first leaders ever to apply moral leadership, will talk about what is necessary to apply it as successfully as he did, achieving the first peace period ever in Central America.

    Without security there is no human development. A truth as simple as that has never been so difficult to achieve. In this keynote speech, Oscar Arias, former President of Costa Rica and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize will explain the importance of security for human development to grow anywhere on the planet. Thanks to all his international experience, Arias can give a unique vision of the best policies and most effective actions to ensure that security is increased in a region, to promote successful human development.

    Oscar Arias, former President of Costa Rica and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize will talk in this keynote speech about what in his opinion should be the priorities and ethics that should set the roadmap for policies and leaders in the 21st century. Oscar's views have come to be highly appreciated by leaders around the world and have even taken leadership positions in international forums and speeches. This is due to their great capacity for moral leadership and an innate ability to discern the most important problems facing a country or an organization. In this talk, Arias will also share with the audience the techniques he uses to always remain firm in his priorities and convictions.

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