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Prince Ea

Social Media Celebrity. Inspirational Speaker, Spoken Word Artist, Rapper & Filmmaker

A motivational figure whose YouTube videos have accumulated more than two billion views. Speaker Prince Ea founded Viral Impact studio to assist influencers, thought leaders, and businesses in creating viral videos that positively impact people. Organizations book Prince Ea to learn about motivation, the importance of education, and how to increase self-esteem.

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    Prince Ea biography

    Motivational speaker Prince Ea, whose real name is Richard Williams, is an American spoken word artist, rapper, poet, and filmmaker. After receiving a scholarship and a degree in Anthropology from the University of Missouri St. Louis, he started a career in hip-hop. As a result, he founded and made popular the “Make S.M.A.R.T. Cool” movement. The movement’s goal is to highlight the importance of free thought, unity, intelligence, and creativity through the medium of hip-hop music and culture.

    2014 marked the year that Prince Ea went from making music to creating inspirational and motivational content. To date, his YouTube videos have accumulated more than two billion views. His videos are based on subjects such as spirituality, environmentalism, and work-life balance. Speaker Prince Ea attributes his new views to ancient wisdom texts like Bhagavad Gita and the Tao Te Ching.

    Here are a few of his most well-known videos and creations:

    • Before You Catch the Virus – Watch This (2020): A motivational speech about not letting fear dominate us in the face of a pandemic. This video received over a million views on YouTube.
    • Dear Future Generations: Sorry: This video received more than 20 million views on YouTube. It talks about how climate change is destroying the earth and needs to be addressed as soon as possible. 
    • Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?: This video, which has received over 20 million views, warns about the risks of constantly using technology and the importance of spending more time without it to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

    Prince Ea often delivers speeches at conferences and offers lectures to high school and university students all over the country. He covers subjects such as the importance of following your dreams, self-development, and motivation.

    His work has received widespread recognition. In fact, Prince Ea made it to Oprah’s Super Soul 100 and Forbes 30 Under 30. In 2020, he established Viral Impact studio to assist influencers, thought leaders, and businesses in creating viral videos that positively impact people.

    Prince Ea Speaking Videos

    Prince Ea - Motivational speech about Coronavirus and Fear
    Prince Ea - Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?
    Prince Ea - The Speech I Gave to our World Leaders

    Prince Ea Keynote Topics

    Prince Ea will share his thoughts on self-development, living your passion, and the importance of being motivated and engaged. A speech full of positivity that will motivate your audience to reach new heights.

    Famous YouTuber and Social Media star Prince Ea can create a custom video and speech tailored to the needs of your event and organization. Contact us for information.

    Being the youngest of three brothers, renowned artist and YouTube star Prince Ea had to fight for his future from his early childhood. After years of sacrifice and hard work, he graduated Magna Cum Laude in Anthropology, a degree he obtained thanks to a full scholarship. In this keynote speech, better suited for young audiences of schools or universities, he seeks to make them change their way of seeing life and their objectives, expanding their horizons and motivating them to seek to give their best at all times and in all the things they do since without a culture of daily effort it is impossible to reach the maximum potential of oneself. The speech focuses on the importance of education to succeed, and will motivate the audience to be a lifelong learner.

    Under the motto "Be Love, Share Love, Feel Love" famed speaker Prince Ea will share with the audience a few simple but effective exercises done during a 7-day challenge, which focus on improving all aspects of your life, including health , relationships, work, business and personal growth. The conference will delve into the challenges that allow moving from past negative experiences towards greater personal consideration and being able to become magnetic to the people around us. Most of these challenges are based on a transition from current head thinking to heart thinking.

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