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Richard Branson

Entrepreneur, Founder and President of the Virgin Group. Philanthropist and Adventurer

The world’s most famous serial entrepreneur is also one of its most engaging and insightful. Speaker Richard Branson has built a business empire, traveled the world, and had fun doing it along the way. At all stops, he combines deep erudition with his famous “screw it, let’s do it” approach to risk. Organizations with an interest in entrepreneurship and innovation will find their most important events enhanced by Branson’s keynote addresses.

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    Richard Branson biography

    From the Virgin empire to the edge of outer space, business speaker Richard Branson is the world’s most recognizable entrepreneur. Online, in print, or in person as a singularly magnetic keynote speaker, Richard Branson is a born storyteller.

    After starting Virgin in 1970 as a music retailer, Richard Branson also founded Virgin Records, and with it a business empire. His first artist, Mike Oldfield, recorded “Tubular Bells” in the studio Branson built just for Virgin. The Sex Pistols brought Virgin popularity and notoriety in 1977, helping it become the world’s largest independent label.

    Branson founded Virgin Atlantic in 1984, and built an extensive network of travel businesses around it. An entrepreneur at heart, Branson is the only person to found eight billion-dollar companies in eight different sectors.

    He may also be the world’s most social CEO. He has been voted the UK’s number one Twitter user, and his LinkedIn account is among the world’s most followed. His blog on addresses everything from entrepreneurship to sustainability to music and travel.

    Branson has been an accomplished philanthropist since age 17, when he started a student advisory centre at his school. More recently, he founded the non-profit foundation Virgin Unite, which advocates for business as a force for good. The Virgin Earth Challenge, established in 2007, offers a $25 million prize for sustainable, scalable solutions to climate change.

    Knighted in 1999 for services to entrepreneurship, Branson is fittingly the author of not one but two autobiographies. International bestseller Losing my Virginity looked back on 40 years as a business maverick and iconoclastic celebrity. Seven years later, Finding my Virginity tells the rest of the story, in light of Branson’s near-fatal 2016 bicycle crash.

    Richard Branson Speaking Videos

    Sir Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin - The Brave Ones
    Sir Richard Branson: Leading with Vision and Taking on Challenges

    Richard Branson Keynote Topics

    In this conference the entrepreneur of more than 400 companies, Richard Branson, will tell us how he has managed to create the empire he currently owns, what has been his successes and even more important, his mistakes.
    Thanks to his enormous knowledge about different sectors (he has founded 8 companies in 8 different sectors that invoice more than one billion a year) he will be able to provide invaluable advice for any audience and will be able to adapt his examples and recommendations to every needs.

    In this conference, Richard Branson, the owner of Virgin Group which invoices more than 24 million dollars a year and that has more than 71,000 employees, will announce the keys and strategies that have allowed him to direct and grow his business from its beginnings to the present.
    He will explain the leadership formula that applies in the company and why it does so. In addition we will also discover how he adapted its management as the companies grew and how this had an impact on his success.

    Richard Branson, owner among others of Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Australia, Virgin America, Virgin Holidays, Virgin Limited Edition, Virgin Trains, Virgin Hotels and Virgin Galactic will describe in this keynote the history of how he founded and created the Virgin empire since its inception.
    In this conference we will be able to know what Richard thought at all times, how he faced his most serious problems and how he overcame them either correctly or erroneously. It will seek to motivate and challenge the audience to see how important it is not to set limits and set challenges.

    In this keynote conference, the entrepreneur Richard Branson will convey to the audience his most fundamental principles in business that have allowed him to develop Virgin while helping society.
    We will know its facet less prominent by the media, his aim to realize a positive change in the world. We will see how since its begginings the entrepreneur has combined business success with philanthropy, culminating it with the foundation of Virgin Unite, a company with which it addresses to solve social and environmental problems.

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