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Richard Florida

Best-Selling Author, Renowned Economist & Urbanist

Worldwide best-selling author and expert in demographic trends, economic competitiveness, and cultural and technological innovation. Speaker Richard Florida's exceptional work gained him a spot in the Esquire Magazine's list of the Best and Brightest. Organizations book Richard Florida to learn about city, regional and global economic growth, managing diversity, innovation, and the global economic crisis.

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    Richard Florida biography

    Keynote speaker Richard Florida wrote a worldwide best-seller titled The Rise of the Creative Class and Who’s Your City? He also wrote The Great Reset, which shows how the way we live and work now will result in post-crash prosperity.

    Moreover, Richard wrote Cities and the Creative Class and The Flight of the Creative Class. His prior works, particularly Beyond Mass Production and The Breakthrough Illusion, laid the groundwork for his controversial analysis of how creativity is reshaping the world’s economy.

    Richard works as The Atlantic’s senior editor. He also regularly contributes to CNN. Furthermore, he has written for The Wall Street Journal, The Globe and Mail, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Economist, The Boston Globe, and The Harvard Business Review. Florida has appeared as an expert on various television and radio shows, including BBC, MSNBC, CBS, and NPR.

    Furthermore, Richard served the Business Innovation Factory’s Research Advisory Council. He also worked as the Creativity and Innovation’s European Ambassador.

    Both Apple and BMW have incorporated speaker Richard Florida’s concepts on commercial innovation, the “creative class,” and regional development in their marketing campaigns. These concepts are changing the way nations do business and reshape their economies.

    Richard Florida is a world-renowned speaker on demographic trends. He also talks about economic competitiveness as well as technological and cultural innovation. His problem-solving and strategy formulation attitude has assisted international diplomats, political officials, economic development groups, filmmakers, and Fortune 100 companies.

    Global trends, prosperity, economy, competitiveness, and growth are among his topics of expertise. Richard Florida was mentioned in Esquire Magazine’s list of the Best and Brightest. This list also included Jeffrey Sachs and Bill Clinton.

    Richard Florida Speaking Videos

    Richard Florida - Why Creativity is the New Economy
    Richard Florida - The World After Coronavirus: The Future of Cities

    Richard Florida Keynote Topics

    This speech focuses on city, regional and global economic growth. It gives community leaders the tools they need to generate greater economic prosperity in their region. No longer are cities competing with neighboring cities, rather mega regions are competing globally.
    This thought-provoking speech with your city’s crucial leadership will give you the necessary framework to make your community more competitive and vibrant. Richard Florida will share with your audience the most current regional economic and demographic data and knowledge of cutting-edge community-building practices.

    Most corporate diversity efforts are compliance driven, adding little to the bottom line. Drawing up his research and analysis in his best-selling book, Rise of the Creative Class and other sources, Florida’s Managing Diversity speech provides a framework for making diversity efforts value adding.

    In this speech, Florida leads teams of executives and managers on how to manage creativity culled through more than two decades of research on leading edge companies and his breakthrough Harvard Business Review article with SAS CEO and founder, Jim Goodnight. He ignites new thinking and strategic initiatives on how to manage, motivate and inspire creative people.

    Florida’s book The Great Reset will provide a better map for understanding and navigating through and beyond today's economic crisis. Florida draws in years of research, case studies and data to show that we are not just facing a shift in our banking and business structures, but a long-term fundamental reset of our entire way of life. Positioning business, regions and the overall economy to grow stronger in the coming decades will require a solid understanding of the Reset. This timely and important speech helps organizations, policy and decision makers to construct a new, more productive way of life for a new era built on a more authentic and sustainable prosperity.

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