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Robert Cialdini

Godfather of Influence; Bestselling Author; Expert in the nuance and impact of persuasion, compliance, and negotiation.

USA (Arizona)


Pre-Suasion: Opening the Door to Persuasion
What separates ordinary communicators from truly successful persuaders? Using the same combination of rigorous scientific research and accessibility that made his Influence an iconic bestseller, Robert Cialdini explains how to capitalize on the essential window of time before you deliver an important message. This “privileged moment for change” prepares people to be receptive to a message before they experience it. Optimal persuasion is achieved only through optimal pre-suasion. In other words, to change “minds” a pre-suader must also change “states of mind.”
Influence: The Ultimate Power Tool
What can we do to shorten the time required to develop and deepen relationships with our prospects, customers, and co-workers? How can we effectively establish our authority and trustworthiness with those we meet for the first time? After we have given, what words can we use to increase dramatically the likelihood that we will receive in return? When others are sitting “on the fence”, which principles of persuasion are most likely to spur them to act? And, which is the most underused, yet effective, principle of persuasion?
Dr. Cialdini answers all these questions and more.
Leadership Through The Power Of Persuasion
It is through the influence process that we lead, generate, and manage change. Like most things, the process can be handled poorly or well. It can be employed to foster growth and to move people away from negative choices and in more positive directions, thereby creating the conditions for new opportunities. Or, it can be used clumsily, reducing the chance for genuine movement and, in the worst of cases, boomeranging into conflict and resentment.
Building Trust Through Influence
Dr. Robert B. Cialdini describes the six universal principles of influence—those that are so powerful that they generate desirable change in the widest range of circumstances. The principles are: Liking, Authority, Consensus, Scarcity, Reciprocation, and Consistency. He focuses on how the first three of these principles have been and can be harnessed to meet specific, mutually beneficial objectives by building trust. Dr. Cialdini emphasizes the ethical use of the principles so that those who are influenced feel personally committed to the change and come to trust (appropriately) that their advisor/partner will continue to counsel them correctly.
The Small BIGs of Successful Social Influence
Dr. Cialdini focuses on a set of small alterations that individuals can make to their persuasive attempts that research shows are likely to produce significant increases in their persuasive success. In the process, he illustrates the four forms that “small BIGs” can take: small adjustments to (1) words, (2) actions, (3) images, and (4) environments that can all produce outsized persuasive impact. Finally, he stresses how individuals can employ such adjustments not only effectively but ethically as well to ensure the cultivation and enhancement of long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.



Robert Cialdini - The power of persuasion