Sustainability Speaker Robert Swan

Robert Swan

Polar Explorer, Environmental Activist, and First Man to Reach both Poles

The first man in history to ever walk to both South and North Poles. Speaker Robert Swan’s mission is to educate, engage, as well as inspire the next generation of leaders in the field of sustainability. Organizations book Robert Swan for his knowledge on climate change prevention, and to gain inspiration from his adventurous stories.

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    Robert Swan biography

    Sustainability speaker Robert Swan is one of the greatest adventurers and explorers we have today. He sought out the most inhospitable environments in the entire world to test his physical and mental capabilities. Robert Swan provides keynote speeches that are fascinating, inspiring, as well as engaging. These three major topics form the basis of his life’s work: leadership, inspiration, and thinking about the future of society, businesses, and the environment.

    Speaker Robert Swan is the first man in history to ever walk to both South and North Poles. With the successful completion of his journeys to the North and South Poles, his life took on a new phase. During his trips, he witnessed the effect of environmental damage on the Polar icecaps. This inspired Swan to protect the Antarctic. As a result, he formed 2041, an organization that focuses on accomplishing this goal. Robert Swan has a unique ability to motivate others and get them involved. This is due to his natural presence and honesty and the numerous and noteworthy achievements he has accomplished.

    Robert Swan’s speeches and expeditions are all focused on educating, engaging, as well as inspiring the next generation of leaders in the field of sustainable business generation, policy development, and new technology.

    In March 2022, Robert along with a team of young leaders will head to Antarctica in support of the 2041 Mission.

    In 2023, he should achieve a 35 year-long goal of crossing the whole of the Antarctic landmass. Up until now, Robert Swan has skied 1,460 nautical miles across the Antarctic.

    Another one of Robert’s initiatives is The goal of the Climate Force challenge. The initiative wants to help us reach our goal of reducing 360 million tons of CO2 by 2025. Robert and his son use expeditions as a way to promote sustainable development.

    Robert and his son work directly with educators, foundations, industry leaders, artists, sponsors, and outreach programs to provide individuals with the tools to create a positive impact.

    Robert Swan Speaking Videos

    Robert Swan Speaking Reel
    Robert Swan - Let's save the last pristine continent

    Robert Swan Keynote Topics

    After experiencing unexpected setbacks and serious injuries on the way to completing his lifelong dream of being the first person in history to walk to both Poles, Robert had no choice but to become an expert on resiliency. Robert discusses the specific challenges he has faced on his expeditions, and how he and his team had to be resilient in their toughest moments to accomplish their goals. Robert relates these experiences to the specific challenges of your audience and inspires strength and resiliency in the face of modern-day setbacks.

    As someone who spent nine months living 3,000 miles away from civilization in a 16 by 24-foot hut at the edge of Antarctica with zero communication to the outside world, Robert is no stranger to isolation. Robert recounts his feelings of intense isolation on his journey, the way he dealt with that isolation, and the valuable lessons he continues to draw from those experiences. He relates these lessons to the specific challenges your audience is facing, especially in the wake of the ongoing global pandemic.

    As we emerge from the initial phases of the pandemic at different rates across the globe, many of us are being met with the stark realization that things may never return to our idea of “normal.” Robert divulges his experiences with returning to society after nine months of isolation in Antarctica and finding out that everything had changed – even himself. He gives advice on how to embrace these changes and deal with the confusion and disappointment that often accompany them so that we may create and thrive in our “new normal.”

    After experiencing the effects of climate change firsthand on his expeditions, Robert uses his expertise to relay the importance of incorporating and improving sustainable practices within businesses and corporations. Robert discusses his trek to the South Pole powered entirely by renewable energy and why a global shift to renewable energy is crucial for the preservation of Antarctica and the survival of our planet. Robert tailors his speeches to discuss your company’s specific Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) policies as well as how your company can join Rob’s lifelong fight in protecting Antarctica for decades to come.

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