Motivational Speaker Rosario Marin

Rosario Marín

First Mexican-Born Treasurer of the United States. Best-selling Author & Public Speaker

An excellent author and entrepreneur who went from nothing to reaching the American Dream. Speaker Rosario Marin's achievements include being appointed as US' 41st Treasurer by President George W. Bush. Organizations book Rosario Marín to learn about the American Dream and leading between two worlds.

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    Rosario Marín biography

    Motivational speaker Rosario Marin is an author and entrepreneur who works as the advisor of two corporations. One of these corporations is located in Mexico, while the other is in Australia. When Arnold Schwarzenegger was Governor of California, Rosario worked as Consumer Services Agency and Secretary of the State. She was responsible for the purchase of almost $9 billion in services and goods. 

    In addition, Rosario handled the creation of over 1,600 real estate properties. Furthermore, she supervised the California State Teachers’ Retirement System and the California Public Employees’ Retirement System and collected $104+ billion in state taxes. 

    She managed 250,000 people within the state workforce, consumer protection, and California’s civil rights enforcement. Moreover, speaker Rosario Marín was in charge of the licensing of 2.4 million California residents working in more than 255 different fields of expertise. Another one of Rosario Marín’s achievements included working as US’ 41st Treasurer. The role was assigned to her by President George W. Bush.

    From 2004 to 2006, Rosario served as the California Integrated Waste Management Board’s Chairwoman. During that time, the state achieved its 50% recycling objective. Ms. Marin was also the Huntington Park City Council mayor and councilwoman.

    In addition, Rosario wrote Leading Between Two Worlds: Lessons from the First Mexican-Born Treasurer of the United States. This bestselling book illustrates her American Dream journey, from going to the United States without speaking English to becoming who she is now.  

    Ms. Marin has served in a variety of capacities on the boards of various nonprofit organizations. At present, Rosario works for CSULA. She has received numerous awards, including four Honorary Doctorate degrees.

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    Rosario Marin - Leading Between Two Worlds
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    Rosario Marín Keynote Topics

    The American Dream is the fundamental story of this country, and my life is a grateful reflection of its reality" - says Rosario Marin, born in Mexico and an immigrant to the US who ended up succeeding in life thanks to the opportunities that were given to her in the US.

    When Rosario was fourteen years old she moved from Mexico to California with no grasp of the English language and few resources. She has since become a trailblazer in every sense: from becoming the first in her family to graduate from college to having her signature appear on the U.S. dollar bill as the treasurer of the United States, and the first Latina in California to run for the U.S. Senate.

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