Cybersecurity Speaker Samy Kamkar

Samy Kamkar

Creator of the MySpace worm, Cybercrime, Hacking and GDPR authority

Samy Kamkar, a renowned cybersecurity speaker, entrepreneur, and former hacker, gained fame for his work in exposing vulnerabilities in various systems. From founding Fonality Inc., a communications company, to creating SkyJack, a custom drone capable of hacking into other drones, and developing tools like Evercookie and PoisonTap to reveal system vulnerabilities, Samy has been at the forefront of cybersecurity research.

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    Samy Kamkar biography

    Cybersecurity speaker Samy Kamkar is a famous computer hacker, privacy and security researcher, and entrepreneur. At the young age of 16, he founded a unified communications company called Fonality Inc. The company focuses on Voice over IP software development, evolutionary and genetic algorithmic software development, reverse engineering, automated security and vulnerability research in network security, and network gaming.

    Fonality raised over $46 million via private funding. However, Samy became really popular when he unleashed the Samy worm on MySpace in 2005. This worm caused MySpace servers to choke and it also exposed their vulnerability. Samy had to go through three years of probation. He had to complete 90 days of community service, as well as giving compensation to MySpace. During this time, he had the right to use the internet and a computer for work purposes only.

    Nowadays, speaker Samy Kamkar helps businesses discover their own systems’ vulnerabilities.

    Samy is also the creator of SkyJack, which is a custom drone capable of hacking into nearby Parrot drones. This practice allows SkyJack to take control of the Parrot drones. Samy made SkyJack’s specifications available online the day before unveiled Amazon Prime Air, a hypothetical future delivery service utilizing drones.

    Samy Kamkar is also the founder of Evercookie, which exposed NSA’s systems vulnerabilities. He is one of the main individuals who revealed the practice of unlawful mobile tracking done by iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone devices. Through the use of these devices, Wi-Fi and GPS information was transferred to their parent corporations. Lawsuits were filed against said corporations, along with a privacy hearing on Capitol Hill.

    Samy Kamkar released PoisonTap in 2016. Samy’s invention allows the hijacking of secured and encrypted computers through a USB ethernet device. The security status of the website is irrelevant since PoisonTap compels backdoored devices to send a request using the cookies stored on the user’s hard drive with unprotected websites, allowing the attacker to mimic the identity of a local user.

    Samy Kamkar Speaking Videos

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    Samy Kamkar Keynote Topics

    An eye-opening keynote on Internet security, cybercrime, and GDPR. As a former hacker turned privacy advocate, Samy's insights and expertise in uncovering system vulnerabilities have led to lawsuits against corporations and privacy hearings on Capitol Hill. Learn about the latest threats facing businesses and individuals in the digital world, and gain valuable insights on how to safeguard your data and protect against cyber threats.

    Discover the latest insights on mobile security from renowned cybersecurity speaker Samy Kamkar. From exposing unlawful mobile tracking practices to creating tools that reveal system vulnerabilities, Samy's expertise in mobile security is unparalleled. Learn about the risks and challenges facing mobile devices, best practices for securing mobile data, and strategies to protect against mobile cyber threats.

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