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Seth Godin

Marketing Guru and Best-Selling Author

Millions have read Seth Godin’s books and blog, and thousands have benefited from his workshops. An entrepreneur as well as the world’s most influential marketing speaker, Seth Godin has made a career out of relentless innovation. Organizations wishing to learn about the bleeding edge of modern-day marketing find just that in Godin’s brilliant addresses.

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    Seth Godin biography

    Master marketer, bestselling author, and inspiring marketing speaker, Seth Godin prefers to think of himself simply as a teacher. A celebrated keynote speaker, Seth Godin delivers insights, humor, and inspiration with every address.

    Seth Godin is among the most prolific marketing thinkers of our time. He has written more than 20 bestsellers, including Linchpin, Tribes, Purple Cow, and The Practice: Shipping Creative Work. His work touches on everything from leading to quitting, from the spread of ideas to fostering change.

    Each of his books is an opportunity to test new marketing strategies. For instance, Godin once launched a series of books via Kickstarter, reaching his goal within three hours. He also maintains one of the world’s most popular blogs.

    Godin also runs a comprehensive series of online workshops designed to deliver cutting-edge knowledge to busy professionals. His altMBA workshop is an intensive, hands-on course whose thousands of alumni hail from more than 75 countries.

    No mere talking head, Godin founded Yoyodyne, an internet marketing firm later acquired by Yahoo. Godin additionally co-founded Squidoo, a user-generated website. However, its main competitor acquired it years later in a friendly takeover.

    For his contributions to the profession, Godin was inducted into the Direct Marketing Hall of Fame in 2013. The Marketing Hall of Fame also listed Godin five years later, an unprecedented perfecta.

    Millions of grateful audience members have attended Godin’s live presentations. Godin has twice addressed the conference, and companies including Disney, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Eddie Bauer have invited him to speak at corporate events.

    Seth Godin Speaking Videos

    Seth Godin - THIS is Marketing
    Seth Godin - The tribes we lead

    Seth Godin Keynote Topics

    In today's world, consumers have millions of options to choose any product or service they want to buy. But we also have very little time, and we want everything fast. In this context, Seth Godin, marketing guru, says that our logical choice is to ignore the most common and boring options. In this talk, he will reveal why bad ideas or even strange ideas are better for capturing our clients' attention and will succeed more than boring and conservative ideas. It's time to make your products and services go viral.

    In his worldwide bestselling book "Tribes," Seth Godin argues that the Internet age has erased all barriers that previously affected us, whether geographic, time, or even economic. Blogs and social networks mean that anyone who is an expert in their field, be it wine, sports shoes, travel or any other topic you can think of, can get many followers interested in the same things. These new "tribal chiefs" can reap huge financial benefits by leading their tribe and taking advantage of online marketing to discuss their passions and hobbies. In this keynote speech, Seth will discuss all of these trends and the future of online marketing and leadership

    Seth Godin is considered by many to be the world's top marketing speaker and a leading expert on the future of the industry. This keynote speech will be based on his bestselling book, "This is Marketing," in which he argues that marketing should not be used to solve internal company problems, but rather to solve customer problems. In this engaging keynote speech, Seth will discuss current marketing trends and offer his thoughts on the future of the field.

    In his most popular bestselling book "The Purple Cow", Seth Godin disrupted marketing by claiming that the rules of traditional marketing were out of date. The four "P's" of price, product, promotion and place no longer work for one reason: the consumer's mind is saturated. In order for our products and services to survive in today's world and be visible, we must make them extraordinary and make them very different from our competitors. In this talk, Seth Godin, marketing guru, will tell us how to do it.

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