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Shaun Rein

Expert on China. Author, The End of Cheap China. Founder & Managing Director of CMR

No one understands China’s role in the global economy like speaker Shaun Rein. As founder of the leading Chinese-market intelligence firm, Rein helps clients understand the challenges and opportunities accompanying China’s growing stature. Any organization interested in the future of business will find a stimulating, entertaining keynote speaker in Shaun Rein.

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    Shaun Rein biography

    All economic roads lead to China, and keynote speaker Shaun Rein knows the Chinese market like no one else. An internationally popular economics speaker, Shaun Rein resides in Shanghai.

    Governments, corporations, and investors turn to Shaun Rein to better understand the Chinese economy. Therefore, as the founder and managing director of the China Market Research Group, Rein helps clients understand the economic and political factors affecting their investments.

    Rein offers his insights to the general public through his bestselling books. The End of Cheap China was named one of the 10 best business books in 2012 by Publishers Weekly. The Financial Times praised The End of Copycat China as “a toolbox for those who want to work with Chinese companies.” The War for China’s Wallet explores the rise of China as a consumer power and the implications for companies worldwide.

    He also publishes regularly in newspapers including the Financial Times, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal. In addition, Rein is a frequent guest on the BBC, PBS, CNN, MSNBC, Bloomberg, and American Public Media’s Marketplace.

    Born in New Hampshire, Rein earned his BA from McGill University and his MA from Harvard. He then taught executive education courses at London Business School before founding CMRG in 2005.

    Shaun Rein Speaking Videos

    Shaun Rein - China & Asia evolving consumers
    Shaun Rein - Navigating the transitioning Chinese economy

    Shaun Rein Keynote Topics

    This keynote speech is based on Shaun Rein's latest bestseller, The War for China's Wallet. Shaun Rein is one of China's top experts as well as a successful entrepreneur. In this talk, audiences will learn about China's plans for economic development and also about the changing trends of consumption that are currently happening in the country. Thanks to his experience leading China's largest strategic market intelligence firm, Rein will help countries, companies, entrepreneurs or investment funds understand how to benefit from the aforementioned changes. Those who do it right will benefit from all the sales made by the Asian giant, while those who do not will lose the world's biggest growth engine for the next two decades.

    In this speech based on his best-selling book, Shaun Rein, an expert on China's social and economic reality, will review the current situation in the country and explain the reasons why he believes the end of cheap China is near. According to their calculations, in the short to medium term, the world's factory will suffer a spectacular increase in production costs that will make producing in the country not as profitable as it has been until now. In this speech audiences will also learn about the problems that Chinese society suffers and will see what its policies and actions are, such as China's economic colonialism in Africa or the serious deficiencies in its educational system.

    What if China invested in innovation? How could you compete against products made in China if their quality was superior? In this keynote speech, one of the world's leading experts in China, Shaun Rein, will introduce us to the change in China's growth model, something that has not changed in the last 30 years. In this talk, China's leading speaker will share the opportunities and challenges that the country currently presents for investors, companies and entrepreneurs, all taken from the more than 50,000 interviews that his company China Market Research Group, an expert in strategic market intelligence, has conducted at companies, multinationals, entrepreneurs, investment funds and executives, among others, from China.

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