Storytelling Speaker Shawn Callahan

Shawn Callahan

Founder, Anecdote. Author, Putting Stories to Work. Expert on Business Storytelling for Leadership and Sales

Founder of Anecdote, a leading company in business storytelling. Speaker Shawn Callahan believes that everyone at work must feel heard in order for things to move forward. Organizations book Shawn Callahan to learn how to influence, engage, connect, inspire, and sell with stories.

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    Shawn Callahan biography

    Sales speaker Shawn Callahan is the founder of Anecdote and author of Putting Stories to Work. Anecdote is a company that specializes in business storytelling.

    Starting out in technology, Shawn worked for companies like IBM and Oracle. Eventually, he concluded that it was the people who make or break a business. So in 2004, he started a company called Anecdote, which assists leaders in telling excellent stories verbally. In addition, he has worked with some of the world’s largest corporations, including Danone, Shell, TESCO,  Microsoft, Allianz, and Bayer.

    He once assisted a general manager in presenting his budget to his board. The GM had no Powerpoint presentation. He simply talked about previous events and told the board about his future plans and the reasons behind them. He also explained what things would be like should his plans succeed. The chair simply asked what additional resources the general manager needed to achieve his goals faster. He was not questioned nor challenged. 

    Speaker Shawn Callahan loves it when salespeople and leaders cultivate a passion for storytelling in their work. In fact, he believes that to move things forward, everyone at work must feel heard. Shawn also has the opportunity to assist CEOs and their employees in telling the story of their strategy. Several Fortune 500 organizations in London, New York, Singapore, and Australia have all benefited from Shawn’s knowledge and experience.

    His expertise lies in assisting technically-minded leaders in identifying and communicating stories that capture the emotions of their technically-minded audiences and, as a result, empower people to take action.

    Anecdote has earned its place as one of the world’s most seasoned and well-respected story-based communications companies. They have a presence in 22 countries and 11 different languages.

    Shawn Callahan Speaking Videos

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    Shawn Callahan Keynote Topics

    Stories are incredibly powerful: the help business leaders influence without relying on authority; build fast rapport and change minds and inspire action.

    Shawn Callahan, founder of Anecdote - the world's largest company on business storytelling - will teach you in this keynote speech practical techniques to tap into this power and influence, engage and inspire others.

    The best sellers are storytellers: they use stories to build fast rapport; establish credibility and demonstrate value.

    Shawn Callahan, founder of Anecdote - the world's largest company on business storytelling - will teach you in this keynote speech how to expand the number of sellers who can effectively tell the story of your products and services and close more sales faster.

    How does story help strategies stick? Employees can only act strategically if they really know the company’s strategy. They need to have it in their heads.

    Stories are more memorable than facts alone, so we can get them into our heads. In fact, they’re at least seven times more memorable than facts. And stories can be read twice as fast as non-stories. Amazing really.

    People are also more likely to share a story than a set of dot points. Stories spread – without the need for a PowerPoint deck.

    One more thing about stories – you can tell the long version or the short version, depending on the setting. They’re flexible.

    These are just some of the reasons why a story helps your strategy stick.

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