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Simone Heng

Human Connection Specialist. Bestselling Author, Secret Pandemic: The Search for Connection in a Lonely World

A Human Connection specialist with 15 years of experience in the media industry. Speaker Simone Heng teaches organizations how to use connection techniques to reshape how they work, live, and interact with others. Organizations book Simone Heng to learn about the future and the power of human connection, and how to use technology as a lifeline to our human connections.

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    Simone Heng biography

    Motivational speaker Simone Heng is a Human Connection specialist and former broadcaster. In a world where disconnection is on the rise, she teaches organizations how to use connection techniques to reshape how they work, live, and interact with others.

    She’s also the bestselling author of Secret Pandemic: The Search for Connection in a Lonely World. In it, she explores the importance of human connection and how it affects every aspect of our lives. It discusses the loneliness crisis that existed long before the Covid-19 pandemic and how feelings of disconnectedness can have negative consequences on our mental health. The book also offers guidance on how to differentiate between authentic and fake forms of connection, understand the impact of family trauma on our relationships, and identify the types of friendships that are necessary for social fulfillment. It aims to help readers understand the importance of human connection and how to cultivate genuine connections in their own lives.

    Simone’s job in the media industry spanned 15 years. During that time, she interacted with audiences in various ways, including on stage, online, on-air, and face-to-face. The United Nations, Google, and Ted X have invited her to speak; she has also spoken in the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, and several other places.

    At the age of 17, Simone began her radio career in the Middle East, where she worked for five years at Virgin Radio Dubai. She then returned to Singapore, where she was born, to work for Class 95FM.

    Speaker Simone Heng ‘s speech writing teacher was Philip Collins, who used to be Tony Blair’s speechwriter. When she was a student in Western Australia, she got a communications degree from the Curtin University of Technology. Her major was literary studies, and her minor was in performance studies.

    Besides studying in Switzerland, Simone has worked in the United Arab Emirates, Australia, and Singapore. Through her travels, she has developed into an authentic student of Human Connection.

    Simone Heng Speaking Videos

    Simone Heng
    Simone Heng - How to connect authentically to anyone

    Simone Heng Keynote Topics

    In her talk "The Secret Pandemic: The Search for Connection in a Lonely World," Simone Heng delves into the loneliness crisis that has been exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic. Heng, a human connection expert, discusses the importance of connection to our mental well-being and how we can navigate finding authentic connections in today's modern world. She covers topics such as distinguishing genuine connections from fake substitutes, the impact of family trauma on our ability to connect with others, and the different types of friendships that contribute to our sense of social fulfillment. Heng offers practical advice and tips for cultivating meaningful connections in our lives, helping us to stop searching for connection and start living it.

    In a post Covid-19 world, how will the way we connect change? In this speech, Simone will share the reasons human connection is integral to our health, the ways in which our in-person connection will change and what techniques and resources we will need to employ to keep connection alive.

    In a world where AI is already pervasive, mastering the art of human connection will be an integral skill of the future.
    In this deeply personal and inspiring keynote, Simone will share how to connect with people profoundly and memorably, regardless of culture and language and how to identify the authenticity of your connections.

    As a result of the global pandemic, using technology as a lifeline to our human connections has become normal. But how do we use video to enhance the connections we have and make new ones instead of compromising them? In this deeply informative session Simone will share original techniques from her 15 years as a broadcaster to show you how to connect over camera and microphone.

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