Technology Speaker Spiros Margaris

Spiros Margaris

Venture Capitalist and Founder of Margaris Ventures. Expert on AI, FinTech & Insurtech

Perhaps no voice in financial technology is as respected and influential as that of Spiros Margaris. His insights have guided the application of AI and blockchain to mainstream financial services. As an investor, Margaris has supported some of the field’s most innovative start-ups. Fintech events with their eyes on the future hire Margaris to deliver insightful, actionable keynote speeches.

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    Spiros Margaris biography

    Popular keynote speaker Spiros Margaris is a sought-after futurist. He is also a venture capitalist, board member and senior advisor to leading startups and organizations like STC Pay, wefox Group, SparkLabs Global,,, GENTWO, and F10 Accelerator. Spiros is involved in the two fintech unicorns (valuations of over $1 billion) wefox Group and STC Pay. He is the founder of Margaris Ventures.

    Spiros is is the first international influencer who achieved the ‘Triple Crown’ ranking by Onalytica, being ranked as Global Nº1 FinTech, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) influencer (05/2018). He was once again ranked the No. 1 global FinTech influencer (02/2020) by Onalytica and was ranked the No. 1 Finance Influencer (08/2020) by Refinitiv (Thomson Reuters). He regularly appears in the top three positions of established global industry influencer rankings.

    As a keynote speaker, Spiros Margaris can often be seen speaking at international FinTech, and InsurTech conferences. He also has a TEDxAcademy Talk and was the first non-IBM Keynote Speaker at the biggest IBM event in Europe (10/2019) “2019 IBM Systems Technical University”. He published an AI white paper, “Machine learning in financial services: Changing the rules of the game,” for the enterprise software vendor SAP.

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    Spiros Margaris Speaking Videos

    Spiros Margaris about Financial technology
    Spiros Margaris - How Fintech can positively impact the world

    Spiros Margaris Keynote Topics

    In this speech, Spiros Margaris discusses the ways in which financial technology (fintech) can be used to address global challenges and promote positive change. He explores the potential of fintech to revolutionize financial services and provide access to finance for underserved communities. Margaris also examines the role of fintech in driving innovation and sustainability in the financial sector and how it can be leveraged to create a more inclusive and equitable world. Through a combination of expert insights and real-world examples, Margaris presents a compelling case for the power of fintech to make a positive impact on society.

    In this talk, Spiros Margaris discusses the emergence and rapid growth of financial technology (fintech) and artificial intelligence (AI) in the financial industry. He examines the ways in which these technologies are transforming financial services, including the automation of processes, the democratization of financial services, and the development of new products and services. Margaris also explores the potential and challenges of fintech and AI, including their impact on jobs and the potential for ethical concerns. Through a blend of expert analysis and real-world examples, Margaris provides a comprehensive overview of the rise of fintech and AI in the financial sector.

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