Big Data Speaker Stephen Goldsmith

Stephen Goldsmith

Director of the Innovations Program, Harvard Kennedy School

A leader in enhancing public and private sector organizations' operational and fiscal performance. Speaker Stephen Goldsmith became a pioneer in public-private privatization, partnerships, and competition. Organizations book Stephen Goldsmith to learn about the principles and strategies to govern data, the road to becoming a smart city, the power of civic data, and the power of open, collaborative and distributed governance.

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    Stephen Goldsmith biography

    Big data speaker Stephen Goldsmith serves at Harvard as the Director of the Innovations in American Government Program. He is also the Daniel Paul Professor of the Practice of Government. His recent projects include Data-Smart City Solutions, which highlights local government endeavors to utilize emerging technologies. These connect new discoveries in employing big data analytics with public input to transform the relationship between citizens and government.

    In past roles, such as Deputy Mayor of New York City and Mayor of the city of Indianapolis, he became a pioneer in public-private privatization, partnerships, and competition. In 2000, Stephen served as the chief domestic policy advisor during George W. Bush’s presidential campaign. Furthermore, he worked as district attorney for Marion County, Indiana, and Chair of the Corporation for National and Community Service.

    Speaker Stephen Goldsmith is also the author of several books. These include A New City O/S: The Power of Open, Collaborative, and Distributed Governance. Furthermore, he is the author of The Twenty-First Century City: Resurrecting Urban America.

    With a strong reputation for enhancing public and private sector organizations’ operational and fiscal performance, Stephen has become a leader in the field. As a board member, he provides public policy trend assessment, strategic planning, operational leadership, and corporate governance advice to public and private organizations and boards of directors.

    Stephen Goldsmith Speaking Videos

    Stephen Goldsmith - A New City O/S
    Stephen Goldsmith - The Power of Civic Data

    Stephen Goldsmith Keynote Topics

    Data governance is emerging as a new opportunity and concern for city managers. Effectively managing data assets while considering privacy, usability, integration and availability are key aspects of achieving its good governance. And even though it can lead to an improved planning and efficiency of services, the fact that not all data is collected by the municipality arises multi-stakeholder challenges. Hence, this session will discuss the political and ethical aspects of data governance and will go through the main data principles of the concept, such as the need to guarantee privacy for users and to assure the availability and openness to the general public.

    In this keynote, Stephen Goldsmith explores the role of technology in transforming urban governance. Drawing on his extensive experience in public administration and urban policy, he will share insights into how cities can leverage digital tools to enhance services, engage citizens, and create sustainable, efficient urban environments.

    Stephen Goldsmith will explain the methods and mindsets needed to foster a culture of innovation within public institutions. By highlighting successful examples of change management, he will provide practical guidance for leaders looking to transform the way government operates, improving efficiency, responsiveness, and transparency.

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