Technology Speaker Sterling Anderson

Sterling Anderson

Co-Founder of Aurora, former Director of Tesla Autopilot & Chief PM of Tesla Model X

A leading expert in self-driving technology. Speaker Sterling Anderson has matured extensive knowledge working with companies like Tesla and Aurora. Organizations book Sterling Anderson to learn about innovation and autonomous vehicles.

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    Sterling Anderson biography

    Technology speaker Sterling Anderson is a pioneer in the field of autonomous vehicle technology. During his career at Tesla, Sterling oversaw the company’s Model X program all the way through its launch. He was also Tesla Autopilot’s Director from the first generation platform’s debut through the second generation platform’s design, development, and launch.

    After leaving Tesla in 2016, Sterling co-founded Aurora alongside Drew Bagnell and Chris Urmson, two self-driving experts who also helped develop Uber’s and Google’s self-driving programs.

    Aurora Innovation, Inc. is a self-driving vehicle technology business with offices in Mountain View, California, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. One of Aurora’s most well-known products is the Aurora Driver. This computer system can be incorporated into automobiles to enable autonomous driving.

    Uber also provided support to Aurora. Around 26% of Aurora belonged to Uber by the end of December 2020. Furthermore,  Nvidia teamed with Aurora to develop hardware for Aurora’s self-driving systems. Additionally, Aurora created self-driving taxis with help from Toyota and Denso.

    His work on shared autonomy, which began in the late 2000s, laid the path for significant advancements in cooperative control of human-machine systems. Speaker Sterling Anderson ‘s expertise in innovation, technology, and future trends is both extensive and deep. He is quite versatile when it comes to cutting-edge developments across the spectrum as well as in many verticals spanning a broad range of product categories.

    Sterling Anderson’s speeches captivate audiences thanks to his engaging style and expertise. In addition to entertaining and informing corporate audiences around the world, he also motivates them.

    In 2012, Sterling obtained his mechanical engineering Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

    Sterling Anderson Speaking Videos

    Sterling Anderson - "What." Then "How." Realizing the Power of Right-to-Left Innovation
    Sterling Anderson, Co-Founder, Aurora - MIT Self-Driving Cars

    Sterling Anderson Keynote Topics

    Sterling Anderson delves into the transformative approach of 'Right-to-Left' innovation, emphasizing the importance of first defining desired outcomes ("What") before designing solutions ("How"). This perspective challenges conventional thinking and underscores the effectiveness of result-driven innovation.

    Anderson discusses the advancements, challenges, and potential of self-driving technology. He sheds light on the journey to bring autonomous vehicles from prototypes to mainstream roads, underscoring the promise and implications they hold for the future of transportation.

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