Technology Speaker Steve Wozniak

Steve Wozniak

Co-founder, Apple Computer Inc.

As a founder of Apple Computer and engineer behind its first revolutionary models, business speaker Steve Wozniak changed the world. He continues to make a difference through philanthropic efforts that enhance our culture and deepen our children’s education. Events seeking an iconic yet relatable presence turn to Wozniak for unique, memorable keynote presentations.

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    Steve Wozniak biography

    Legendary computer pioneer and iconic business speaker Steve Wozniak is the engineering genius behind a digital revolution. In his popular turns as a keynote speaker, Steve Wozniak blends insight, humanity, and humor.

    No one has done more to shape the personal computing industry than Steve Wozniak. His revolutionary design of the Apple I attracted the attention of Steve Jobs, and together they founded Apple Computer. The greatly enhanced Apple II appeared the following year, and the personal computer industry was off and running.

    Wozniak accomplished all this after stepping aside from university, and he returned in 1981 to complete his degree. In 1985, just a year after the first Macintosh appeared, Wozniak was awarded the US National Medal of Technology.

    He maintained close ties with Apple even after stepping away from its leadership ranks, and became a trusted advisor and philanthropist. In 2020, Wozniak launched Efforce, an online marketplace for funding ecologically sustainable projects.

    One of his first philanthropic efforts was the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which Wozniak co-founded and helped fund. He is particularly active in the field of education, supporting technology education in his local school district and beyond. He has also founded Silicon Valley institutions from the Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose to the Silicon Valley Ballet.

    Wozniak’s bestselling autobiography, iWoz, sums up a pioneering life and career. He has also appeared on television shows including The Big Bang Theory and Dancing with the Stars.

    Steve Wozniak Speaking Videos

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    Steve Wozniak Keynote Topics

    In this keynote speech, business speaker Steve Wozniak will share with the audience the origins behind Apple and its path to become the world's most valuable company.

    In this presentation, Steve Wozniak will share his thoughts on how businesses and individuals can become more innovative and creative, sharing the secrets behind Apple's successes.

    In this speech, Steve Wozniak will share with the audience his inspiring story. From founding the world's most valuable company, to working with the legendary Steve Jobs.

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