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Steven Bartlett

Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author, and Host of The Diary of a CEO

Speaker Steven Bartlett, founder of the influential Social Chain, is celebrated as a standout entrepreneur and thinker in Europe. Launching the company at 21 and taking it public by 27, he also excels as an author of the bestseller "Happy Sexy Millionaire," speaker, and host of "The Diary of a CEO" podcast. His latest endeavors, Flight Story and Third Web, focus on investor communities and web3 applications

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    Steven Bartlett biography

    Speaker Steven Bartlett emerged as the visionary behind the social media marketing powerhouse, Social Chain, launching it from a Manchester bedroom. At the tender age of 21, this college dropout orchestrated the rise of what would soon be heralded as a leading force in the global social media landscape, eventually leading the company to go public at 27 with a valuation surpassing $600M.

    As a multifaceted personality, Bartlett excels as a speaker, investor, author, and content creator, in addition to hosting Europe’s premier podcast, The Diary of a CEO. His literary debut, “Happy Sexy Millionaire,” hit the shelves in 2021 and quickly climbed the ranks to become a Sunday Times bestseller.

    Speaker Steven Bartlett dedicates a significant portion of his efforts to motivating the next wave of entrepreneurs and creatives, especially those from minority ethnic backgrounds.

    His investment portfolio is both diverse and impactful, including a notable position on the board of Huel, recognized as the UK’s quickest expanding e-commerce entity on the international stage. His advisory and investment roles extend to Atai Life Sciences, a biotech firm aiming to revolutionize the treatment of mental health issues, alongside ventures in blockchain, biotechnology, aerospace, Web 3, and social platforms.

    Bartlett’s entrepreneurial spirit has given rise to two innovative ventures recently: Flight Story and Third Web. Flight Story focuses on cultivating strong retail investor communities for outstanding public enterprises, whereas Third Web offers a streamlined approach to developing Web3 applications.

    Regarded as one of the most skilled and influential young entrepreneurs and thinkers in Europe, Bartlett’s achievements include becoming the youngest ever investor on Dragon’s Den, the acclaimed TV program where hopeful entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to a panel of wealthy investors ready to back promising ventures with their own money.

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    The Youngest Ever Dragon To Join The Den: Steven Bartlett
    Steven Bartlett

    Steven Bartlett Keynote Topics

    Steven Bartlett transformed from an impoverished 18-year-old who had left university into a multi-millionaire business owner with a valuation exceeding $300M by age 25. Despite his significant achievements, he came to understand that his lifelong perceptions of success, and more crucially, the pursuit of fulfillment and love, were misconceived.

    In this discussion, Steven aims to debunk the widespread yet seldom questioned misconceptions about happiness that society has accepted. Drawing from his personal journey and the wisdom acquired from interactions with leading executives and thinkers from diverse realms, he seeks to uncover the truth behind these happiness myths. Steven's mission is to identify the motivations behind these falsehoods, challenge them, and introduce a set of scientifically backed and unorthodox principles designed to guide individuals toward a life marked by genuine contentment, love, and deserved success.

    Drawing from his journey of founding a multi-million dollar enterprise before 25, Steven dives into the essence of innovative leadership, the power of cohesive teamwork, and the critical importance of a nurturing company culture. This keynote will equip you with unconventional wisdom and practical insights to foster a thriving workplace, inspire change, and lead with purpose in today's dynamic business environment.

    Steven shares personal insights and transformative experiences that challenge conventional beliefs about success and fulfillment. Learn how to navigate the complexities of modern life with strategies that promote mental wellness, genuine happiness, and a balanced life, guided by Steven's unconventional wisdom and scientific research. This keynote is a beacon for anyone seeking to enhance their mental health and find enduring happiness.

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