Motivational Speaker Susie Wolff

Susie Wolff

Former CEO of Venturi Racing; Managing Director of the F1 Academy; Founder of Dare To Be Different; Former F1 Test Driver

A leader in competitive motorsport with more than twenty years of experience. Speaker Susie Wolff is former CEO of Venturi Racing and a great contributor to women in sport. Organizations book Susie Wolff to learn about strong leadership, teamwork, and managing conflict.

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    Susie Wolff biography

    Motivational speaker Susie Wolff started her career in motorsports when she began driving go-karts. Susie made history in the 2014 British Grand Prix. She became the first woman in twenty-two years to compete in a Formula 1 race weekend. Susie Wolff began her career in karting, then moved on to Formula Renault and DTM for Mercedes-Benz. She eventually made her way into Formula 1.

    At the age of eight, Wolff began racing go-karts. In 1996 she received the title of British Kart Racing Driver of the Year. The following year, she won most of the karting competitions she participated in. She also won the Scottish Open Junior Intercontinental “A” category as well as the Scottish Junior Intercontinental “A” category.

    Throughout the years, Susie went from competing in the British Junior Intercontinental “A” Championship to competing in the British Formula “A” Championship.

    Speaker Susie Wolff did a lot of work in promoting women in sport. For this reason, she received the Honorary Fellowship at the University of Edinburgh. She had previously paused her studies at Edinburgh’s Business School in order to pursue a professional career.

    Speaker Susie Wolff retired from driving in 2015. She then created Dare to Be Different, a campaign designed to increase women’s involvement in motorsports at all levels. For her achievements in the field of women’s sport, Susie received an MBE in 2017.

    Susie Wolff has recently transitioned from her role as CEO of Venturi Racing, a position she held since 2021, to a new challenge as the Managing Director of the F1 Academy. Appointed in 2023, her role at the F1 Academy is significant, as it aims to nurture and propel young female drivers through the ranks of motorsports, further solidifying her commitment to promoting women in the field.

    Susie Wolff Speaking Videos

    Susie Wolff - How Big Data & AI is applied in Formula E Racing
    Susie Wolff - Day I scared the life out of track day guest!

    Susie Wolff Keynote Topics

    Join Susie Wolff, the pioneering former Formula One driver and current team principal of the Venturi Formula E team, as she discusses the importance of teamwork in achieving professional success. Susie will share her experiences from the intensely competitive world of motorsport, detailing how her team has been instrumental in her achievements.

    Drawing from her wealth of experience in the high-pressure, male-dominated world of motorsport, Susie Wolff will discuss the characteristics of strong leadership and how it can be a game-changer. She'll share personal anecdotes from her journey as a Formula One driver and team principal, highlighting the importance of decision-making, communication, and resilience.

    Conflict is often seen as a negative force, but when managed well, it can drive innovation and growth. In this compelling keynote, Susie Wolff will discuss the importance of conflict resolution in high-stakes environments. Drawing on her extensive experience in the often-tense atmosphere of international racing, she will share strategies for turning potential discord into opportunities for progress.

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