Cybersecurity Speaker Thom Langford

Thom Langford

Experienced CISO and C-Suite Security executive in multi-national organisations; Founder of (TL)2 Security

A forward-thinking leader in the security risks field. Speaker Thom Langford is an expert in Compliance, Information Security, IT Governance, Risk Management, Incident Management, and more. Organizations book Thom Langford to learn about threats, risks, and ransomware.

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    Thom Langford biography

    Cybersecurity speaker Thom Langford established the Information security Consultancy (TL)2. The consultancy focuses on strategic business alignment, Virtual CISO, and public speaking/advocacy for hire. Thom was in charge of Publicis Groupe’s information security risk and compliance and its security program. 

    When it comes to security risks, Thom has a forward-thinking and opinionated perspective that is frequently humorous yet realistic. Security blogger and public speaker Thom Langford is a regular contributor to various blogs and magazines in the field. In addition, Thom founded the Host Unknown, a collective of three information security experts who work together to produce security education and entertainment content.

    Furthermore, he won several awards, including the European Security Bloggers Awards in 2013. Thom is also a public speaker at worldwide events like the BCS and RSA Europe.

    His expertise ranges from Compliance, Information Security, IT Governance, and Risk Management to Incident Management. He is also a leader in Global Operations, IT Service & Support, and Help Desk Support Management, amongst others.

    In April 2022, Thom became Chief Information Security Officer of DXC Technology. In his sought-after cybersecurity talks, Thom covers topics ranging from risk management to the latest ransomware attacks that organizations are facing, and how to protect against them.

    Thom Langford Speaking Videos

    Thom Langford - Flushing Away Preconceptions of Risk
    Thom Langford - “TAKEN”: with a vengeance

    Thom Langford Keynote Topics

    Risk is often seen as a dirty word in business. It is a thing that needs to be reduced to nothing, and has no possible good use in an organization, especially a security programme.

    This couldn’t be more wrong! Risk is an inherent part of any business, and yet it is often poorly recognized and leveraged in the security organisation. In this presentation Thom will look at three areas of the risk conundrum to open the veil on the elusive art of understanding and ultimately measuring risk.

    Increasing cybersecurity threats mean most organisations are looking to grow their cyber & Information Security teams. However, this also means that the existing shortage in qualified, experienced security people is getting worse.

    In this session Thom Langford, CISO for Publicis Groupe, will share the approach he has taken to tackle the Security Skills shortage by looking for "passionate people and inspire them", rather than trying to find CVs that tick the appropriate boxes. He will challenge us to look beyond just qualifications & experience and think about the potential of candidates from non-traditional Security backgrounds giving opportunities that benefit both them and the business.

    Do you daydream of having this conversation with the cybercriminals that attack your network? If this is you, then make sure you really do have the services (and processes, procedures and policies) to back up that monologue. Ransomware especially is invasive, pervasive, and worst case, destructive; cutting off the attacks before they begin is key.In this talk you will learn:

    1.Why ransomware can exploit even the smallest weakness in your security controls.
    2.Fundamental approaches to detect and respond to minimise and contain damage.
    3.How to take advantage of new services, approaches and attitudes to best curtail any ambitions you have of monologuing like a Hollywood A-lister.

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