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Tsedal Neeley

Award Winning Author, Harvard Business School Professor and Keynote Speaker on Globalization and Digital Transformation

Speaker Tsedal Neeley, the Naylor Fitzhugh Professor at Harvard Business School, is a distinguished figure in business administration, recognized for her expertise in remote work and digital strategy. She has authored influential books such as "The Digital Mindset" and "Remote Work Revolution," and contributes significantly to executive education and global business leadership. Neeley's achievements, including awards and recognitions from Thinkers50 and Stanford University, underline her impact in integrating technology, business, and organizational behavior.

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    Tsedal Neeley biography

    Speaker Tsedal Neeley, currently serving as the Naylor Fitzhugh Professor at Harvard Business School, stands out as an influential figure in business administration, especially in the realms of remote work and digital strategy. Additionally, in her roles as Senior Associate Dean of Faculty Development and Research Strategy, and Faculty Chair at the Christensen Center for Teaching and Learning, she plays a crucial role in guiding future business leadership. Her accomplishments, including recognition as a LinkedIn Top Voice and being listed in Business Insider’s “100 People Transforming Business,” highlight her significant impact in the field.

    Moreover, Neeley has authored essential books like “The Digital Mindset” and “Remote Work Revolution: Succeeding from Anywhere,” providing critical insights into digital literacy and effective remote working practices. Furthermore, her work “The Language of Global Success” offers an in-depth look into the globalization process, showcasing her unique perspective on multinational operations. Her publications, combined with her widely cited Harvard Business School case study “Managing a Global Team: Greg James at Sun Microsystems,” cement her status as a thought leader.

    In addition to her written contributions, Neeley’s influence extends to executive education. She leads dynamic online courses and co-chairs programs focusing on global business leadership. Furthermore, her rich background in the industry, with roles in companies like Lucent Technologies, brings valuable real-world experience to her academic teachings.

    Concluding her impressive profile, speaker Tsedal Neeley grounds her academic excellence in her Ph.D. from Stanford University in Management Science and Engineering, with a specialization in Work, Technology, and Organizations. Thinkers50 recognizes her as one of the Top Management Thinkers, and she also holds the title of Stanford Distinguished Alumnus Scholar. Her contributions, blending technology, business, and organizational behavior, continue to profoundly influence the corporate landscape.

    Tsedal Neeley Speaking Videos

    Tsedal Neeley - Why Global Success Depends On Separating Language & Culture
    Tsedal Neeley on Why We Need to Think of the Office as a Tool, with Very Specific Uses

    Tsedal Neeley Keynote Topics

    Inclusivity is a global imperative, especially in a business landscape marked by digital, linguistic, and cultural divides. When businesses aim to succeed, prosper, and lead diverse teams, leveraging the unique differences within the team becomes crucial. In her talk, Neeley will reveal the strategies and approaches that drive success (or failure) in bridging these business divides. Additionally, Professor Neeley enriches her presentations with case studies from Harvard Business School, providing real-world insights and applications.

    The swift and extraordinary shifts induced by Covid-19 have hastened the move towards remote working, compelling almost entire companies to transition to a virtual environment. This sudden change has left both managers and employees striving to adapt. In her talk, Neeley will guide organizations on how to effectively lead in a virtual space, keep their teams engaged, select appropriate digital tools, and sustain employee productivity.

    For almost thirty years, English has served as the primary language for international organizations. Yet, these global enterprises often grapple with challenges stemming from language and cultural differences. What are the most effective strategies for guiding teams in such linguistically and culturally varied environments to ensure their success? In her presentation, Neeley discusses ways in which organizations can adeptly incorporate language and communication strategies to position their teams for triumph.

    Diverse organizations often lead in innovation. However, the advantages of diversity don't always extend to employee inclusivity, especially in leadership roles. In this facilitated discussion, Neeley explores strategies that companies can adopt to foster cultural transformation, ensuring success and prosperity for all employees.

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