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Victor Küppers

Motivational Speaker & Bestselling Author

A lauded motivational speaker on three continents, Victor Küppers helps individual workers and global corporations discover their purpose. In his bestselling books, widely read business columns, and popular lectures, Küppers stresses self-possession and joy in work well done. Events dedicated to improved productivity through increased employee engagement book Küppers for inspiring keynote speeches.

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    Victor Küppers biography

    Motivational speaker Victor Küppers advises major corporations and individual executives, helping them build commercial success on human values.

    Victor Küppers is a scholar, a consultant, a professor, and a celebrated motivational speaker. Above all, he is a champion of human dignity and self-determination as a key to greater personal and corporate success.

    After earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a doctorate in humanities, Küppers taught business at IESE. He then joined the Barna Consulting Group, where he served as Vice President. He spent a successful decade at Barna before founding his own consulting firm, Küppers & Co., in 2002.

    Küppers develops training programs for the leading corporations operating in Spain and Latin America, including Nestlé, VW-Audi, and BBVA. His clients turn to Küppers for inspiring, motivating presentations that celebrate joy, enthusiasm, and passion at work.

    Küppers teaches also business management and emotional intelligence at the University of Barcelona and the International University of Catalonia. He has served as a guest lecturer at the University of Navarra and Pompeu Fabra University.

    He shares his wisdom in his bestselling books The Attitude Effect and Living a Life with Meaning. A popular columnist, his writing has appeared in some of the Spanish-speaking world’s most influential business publications.

    Above all, he is a master communicator. A widely sought-after keynote speaker, Victor Küppers inspires audiences around the world with a message of success through joyful enthusiasm.

    Victor Küppers Speaking Videos

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    Victor Küppers Keynote Topics

    Lead to mobilize and inspire:

    -Explain the importance of personal attitude as a mobilizing and energizing element both personally and professionally.

    - Transmit to the participants practical and useful ideas, methods and habits, applicable "the next day", so that they can improve and enhance their personal attitudes - self-motivation, proactivity, enthusiasm and interpersonal communication.

    - Facilitate ways to increase people's happiness and personal satisfaction so that they are also better professionals.

    - Mobilize the best attitudes, intentions and dispositions of people so that they are happier, learn to balance their personal-professional life, learn to enjoy their work, create an adequate work climate and improve their relationship and collaboration with others.

    - Enhance the involvement and personal motivation of the attendees, so that in addition to "knowing how to do" things, they also "want to do them" putting their best efforts into it and awakening their concerns to work with greater joy, optimism, proactivity, initiative, ambition, responsibility and enthusiasm.

    - The sessions should be a revolution, a stimulating and motivating action that allows promoting the best efforts of each person

    In this session, motivational and sales keynote speaker Victor Küppers will talk about:

    - To make people aware that commercial work is wonderful, enriching, and that it is a pride to be a salesperson. Selling is "helping", that's why it is a very rewarding activity, it has nothing to do with "placing" or "plugging in".

    - The sale is an activity of human relations, that's why the personal attitude is more important than the techniques. Business relationships, like human ones, are based on trust.

    - Raise awareness that the sale is not a “lip job”, it is a very complicated task that requires a lot of preparation and methodology.

    - Facilitate very effective and practical sales techniques that give immediate results in commercial work.

    In this excellent motivational conference, the speaker Victor Küppers will explain the importance of personal attitude as a mobilizing and revitalizing element both in the personal and professional sphere. Based on his book with the same title, Küppers will detail simple but effective techniques and methods that will help attendees improve their daily attitude towards problems in both their work and personal lives. He will show them the final picture of how a person can improve if he improves his attitude, always based on one of his maxims, "people have unlimited potential, each one of us sets the limits." A conference that will not leave anyone indifferent and that will undoubtedly help all attendees, whatever attitude they currently have.

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