Technology Speaker Werner Vogels

Werner Vogels

Amazon's Chief Technology Officer

From revolutionizing the online shopping cart to pioneering the field of cloud computing, innovation speaker Werner Vogels builds the digital economy’s infrastructure. Startups and established companies alike seek his advice. Organizations with interests in e-commerce, entrepreneurship, or technological innovation invite speaker Werner Vogels to deliver keynote addresses at major events.

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    Werner Vogels biography

    As CTO of Amazon, technology speaker Werner Vogels is one of the world’s leading authorities on cloud computing. He brings the same engaging, open-minded spirit and unmatched insights to audiences around the world as a keynote speaker. Above all, Werner Vogels built the platform on which the future of digital services continues to unfold.

    Born in the Netherlands, Dr. Vogels earned his degrees in computer science from the Hague University of Applied Sciences and Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. Later, he founded Reliable Network Solutions, developing patented network and multicasting technologies.

    As a researcher at Cornell University, Vogels performed ground-breaking work on highly scalable business systems. This background attracted the interest of Amazon, which hired him in 2004 as its director of systems research. After that, speaker Werner Vogels became Vice President and also Chief Technology Officer.

    His first major project was Dynamo, the decentralized, service-oriented database Amazon created to power its shopping cart. Soon, Vogels turned his attention to even grander storage- and scaling challenges. Afterwards, by 2008, Werner was one of the principal architects behind Amazon’s cloud-computing platform, AWS.
    Vogels’s blog, All Things Distributed, continues to share the benefits of pioneering research into making systems more scalable and decentralized. His professional passions include helping young companies scale up and advising established companies on their digital transformations.

    Werner Vogels Speaking Videos

    Fireside Chat with Amazon CTO Dr. Werner Vogels
    Werner Vogels - The Secrets Behind Amazon's Constant Innovation

    Werner Vogels Keynote Topics

    Why does Amazon remain at the forefront of the industry? Why does nobody seem to be able to make him spare? The answer is innovation, this constant for Amazon has made in 2018 spend more than 23,000 million dollars in R&D. In this conference, Werner Vogels, its Vice President and Chief of Technology Officer (CTO) will expose the secrets behind that investment, in which capital is invested and what are its focal points for improvement. Thanks to all its experience, Vogels will be able to bring improvements in innovation to your company and help you be more aware of its importance for the business and its future.

    In the actulal increasingly insecure digital environment, one of the main goals of companies should be the protection of their customers. This becomes a very complicated task for companies due to the constant change of regulations and the exponential progress of technologies. In tis conference Werner will share the patterns that he has been able to observe in customers since 2004 when he started working at Amazon. He will also show successful best practices, and the thinking behind 'Security by Design'.

    Big Data is one of the most trendy themes of the moment, everyone talks about it but rarely we can see in depth a real application and even less one the size of Amazon. Thanks to Werner Vogels, their CTO, we will be able to see in detail the way in which Big Data uses its Amazon and how it takes advantage of it to offer its customers a better user experience and therefore, invoice more. It will also expose scalable uses of Big Data to apply in all types of companies that could be very useful in the immediate future.

    In this conference the Amazon CTO and VP, Werner Vogels, will talk about cybersecurity in all its relevant aspects, we will understand how an Amazon-level company face this problem,
    what aspects concern them and what methods do they use to keep customers from worrying about their data and their safety. We can not forget that in addition to its well-known marketplace, Amazon is a leader in cloud services thanks to Amazon Web Services and it's in this service that they place a greater effort on cybersecurity, continuously innovating and improving.

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