Economics Speaker Xavier Sala i Martin

Xavier Sala i Martin

Professor of Economics, Columbia University

When the world’s most important financial institutions need guidance, they turn to speaker Xavier Sala i Martín. One of the world’s great economists, he is also one of its great teachers, as his decorated career at Yale and Columbia attests. Events devoted to international finance and the global economy find their ideal keynote speaker in Xavier Sala i Martín.

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    Xavier Sala i Martin biography

    Governments and businesses turn to economics speaker Xavier Sala i Martin for his unmatched insights on global finance. As a popular public speaker, Xavier Sala i Martin brings his experience and insights vividly to life.

    Xavier Sala i Martin is among the world’s most prominent and influential economists. As Chief Economic Advisor for the World Economic Forum’s Center for Global Competitiveness and Performance, he created the Global Competitiveness Index. He also serves the National Bureau of Economic Research as an associate researcher and advises the board of Catalunya’s Telefonica. The world’s most powerful financial institutions seek Sala i Martín’s counsel, including the World Bank and the IMF.

    He may have made an even greater long-term contribution as a celebrated teacher at some of the world’s great universities. Now the J. and M. Grossman Professor of Economics at Columbia, he has also taught at Yale. His brilliant yet accessible teaching style earned him the Lee Hixson and Lenfest Prizes, given to the best teachers at Yale and Columbia, respectively.

    Sala i Martin has earned international commendations from international organizations. The King Juan Carolos I Prize recognized him as the foremost economist across Spain and Latin America. He earlier earned the International Health Economics Organization’s Arrow Prize for best health economist in the world. His writing has also appeared in leading periodicals worldwide. Additionally, Sala i Martin won the 2003 Conde de Godó Prize, awarded to the best op-ed published in a Spanish newspaper.

    Xavier Sala i Martin Speaking Videos

    Xavier Sala-i-Martin - Six Common Myths in the Field of Economic Growth
    Presentación de Xavier Sala i Martin

    Xavier Sala i Martin Keynote Topics

    The world of economic growth theories and the underlying engines driving it. Explore the various models that help economists predict and understand the growth trajectories of different countries and regions.

    Delve into the global economic patterns that are leading some nations to converge in prosperity while others diverge. Understand the key factors, policies, and challenges that underpin these trends.

    The rise of neoliberalism in modern economies: evaluate its benefits, drawbacks, and the varied perspectives economists and policymakers hold on its impact on global development.

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